Who are Private Investigators
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C&A Investigations is a trusted and fully licensed investigative agency in greater Kansas city, Missouri. We are member of Missouri Association of Private Investigators and National Association of Former Air Force Office of Special Investigations Special Agents providing legal support and services in the matter of process service, court filing, private investigation, writs, small claims and many more.

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Who are Private Investigators

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Who are Private Investigators

Private investigators take on the tasks of developing the details of a case. Much of the work involves “hurry up and wait”, which can at times seem mundane and unimportant. However, it is the patience of the private investigator that often leads to the best results. Only by taking the time to develop the case properly can all possible evidence for your case be uncovered.

Are There Different Types of PIs?

Surveillance, which involves following people and documenting their activities, which can involve taking pictures or video, often comes to mind when thinking of private investigators. Apart from those who do just that, there are also many classifications of private investigator that just don't come to mind immediately. Investigating insurance fraud, conducting pre-employment background checks on potential employees or conducting criminal background checks on witnesses are just a couple of the activities private investigators engage in. Kansas City private investigators may work for large corporations, but most are independent agencies. Not every private investigator engages in every type of investigation. Investigators may also work for stores, legal agencies, hotels, financial institutions, and many other places where any type of investigative work is needed. Investigators look into a vast number of things.

What is the Work Environment Like?

The type of investigation being conducted, dictates the investigator’s work environment. Especially during a surveillance mission, hours can be incredibly long and unpredictable. As the situation normally calls for a far different lifestyle than the investigator normally leads, undercover work can be even more unpredictable.

Many investigators prefer to work alone and it is not uncommon.

The job is stressful for PIs that may have a confrontation with someone they are investigating or have come into contact with distraught clients. The job can be physically demanding and dangerous at times. A PI must understand how to deal with confrontational subjects as well as emotional clients.

When routine or intensive investigation is needed for any reason, a private investigator may be a good choice. In their chosen field of investigation, most PIs have an extensive background and are professionally licensed. In a situation that a client may be overwrought in, many investigators know the proper way to react in a removed way as they have a background in law. Above all, when searching for the correct private investigator, ensure all of your questions are answered thoroughly by an independent PI or PI agency.

Personal Injury Cases

Attorney services are not only valuable, but also necessary in many cases. Previously, finding an attorney used to be difficult. Now there are plenty locally available. The most common causes for counsel are accidents in the workplace, personal injury, and family matters.

As personal injury happens frequently, it does not discriminate between whether the injury was intentional or negligent. Hospital bills, car repairs, missed work, higher insurance, and countless other hardships are unavoidable, if you or a family provider is involved in a severe wreck. In such cases a lawyer is necessitated not simply for more money, but to ensure your just treatment, as promised by the legal system itself. It is these reasons that a good attorney will involve the services of an experienced personal injury investigator. The key to a successful prosecution of these matters often hinges on finding the critical witnesses. An experienced private investigator can not only locate these witnesses, but also obtain the information from them necessary to cement your case. In any event, the matter will be investigated thoroughly, which will give both you and your attorney the best chance for a successful conclusion to your case.

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