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Oracle Service Bus (previously known as Weblogic ALSB) is a light weight messaging component of SOA Suite. In addition to providing basic routing and transformation services, OSB also provides advanced capabilities for service abstraction.

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Oracle OSB

Introduction to Oracle OSB

Oracle Service Bus, aka OSB, is an Enterprise Service Bus implementation by Oracle. OSB, formerly known as Aqua Logic Service Bus, was acquired when Oracle bought BEA Systems. Oracle Service Bus transforms architectures by connecting, mediating, and managing interactions between services and applications.

Oracle Service Bus (previously known as Weblogic ALSB) is a light weight messaging component of SOA Suite. In addition to providing basic routing and transformation services, OSB also provides advanced capabilities for service abstraction.

As of version, OSB can only run on Weblogic platform. Since it runs in a separate JVM, there is an overhead in communicating with rest of SOA Suite components.

Though OSB is similar to Mediator component at the conceptual level, there are specific scenarios when OSB will be very useful.

OSB Service Invocation Overview

  • OSB service invocation happens through two different layers: proxy service and business service. Proxy service is an entry point for all service invocations. Ideally proxy service should present canonical interfaces to clients.

  • Proxy service then routes inbound message through a series of steps (aka pipes). Each step can perform distinct operations such as transformation, enrichment and logging etc., eventually this message is routed to Business Service which is just a reference to target service.

OSB as a Message Broker

A high performance message broker is a core component of Oracle Service Bus. It enables content-based routing of messages and data transformation.

Using: HTTPS, SOAP, JMS, SMTP/POP/IMAP, Tuxedo, EJB, Native MQ

Features of TeraData

  • Document Transformation with XQuery and XSLT .

  • Content-Based and Header-Based Routing .

  • Integration with Oracle SOA Suite using SOA-Direct protocol Dashboard to monitor transactions and interactions between different systems.

  • Capturing certain events and alerting them.

  • Protocol conversion (for standard protocols).

  • When required, a custom protocol can be added to the Oracle Service bus to ensure custom protocol conversion.

  • Service Virtualization.

  • Version management.

  • Schema validation and exception handling.

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