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5 Trendy Colours For Home By Wholesale Home Decor Distributors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are top 5 trendy colours for making your home the cosiest and stylish one.\n

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5 Trendy Colours For Home ByWholesale Home DecorDistributors

Everyone wants to make sure that they have the most beautiful house in the world. For this, they buy the best wholesale home furnishings but, they often forget the colour combination that can make their home look more beautiful, bigger and stylish. Don’t worry; here are top 5 trendy colours for making your home the cosiest and stylishone.

The Honey Gold ColourCombination

One of the most wonderful colour combinations for home decor is undoubtedly the honey gold colour blended with the French roast or the tangerine tango colour. The honey gold colour will remind you of late day rays of the sun, honey bees and fall foliage. To balance this shade, you can purchase various French roast and tango shades in your furnishing from the wholesale home decorsuppliers.

The Ultramarine Green ColourCombination

This colour combination is the most eyes soothing one.This will give you a feeling of the seaside town of the Mediterranean coast.The ultra-green colour is a combination of blue and green colour and it has a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind. To make your home look more beautiful, you can purchase some blue coloured upholstery and furnishing stuff from wholesale home decordistributors.

The Tangerine Tango ColourCombination

If you want to give a luxurious aura to your home, you have to definitely select the tangerine tango shade for your house. This one has rich and luxe appearance and it makes everyone go crazy for it. Its popularity is growing a lot and you will just love it. From wholesale home decor distributors, you can purchase tangerine tango wallpapers, fabrics, furniture andtableware.

They all together will give a beautiful ambience to your house.

The Rhapsody Colour For HomeDecor

This one is my personal favourite. The beautiful shade Rhapsody is inspired by beautiful lavender fields and now you can imagine why I personally love this one. This beautiful and light purple shade is simply amazing and it will enlighten your creativity and will give you an uplifting and calm feel. This one will give your house a relaxing and restfulaura.

The Rose Smoke Colour Scheme For YourHouse

Various wholesalers offer a large number of wholesale home decor for retailers in this beautiful shade. It is that shade of pink which is visible in the sky when the sun is going down. You can easily imagine how beautiful it would be incorporate this beautiful shade in your home decor. The dusty rose pink shade provides a neutral backdrop with amazing feel. You can blend French roast colour with this one to balance theshades.

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