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Tools You Must Have While Auto Body Repair Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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While starting an auto body repair business, you need to have some auto body tools. You can take it as a hobby or you can start any venture for yourself. Read more.

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Tools You Must Have While Auto Body Repair Business

While starting an auto body repair business, you need to have some auto body tools. You can take it as a

hobby or you can start any venture for yourself. No matter what you want, if you are willing to paint a

car or start any project, you have to start with the tool chest. Here are some of the most commonly used

auto body and paint tools that you must have if you start auto body repair work:

1.Air Compressor: If you think to paint cars and make auto body repair as a serious money making

method, you would need an air compressor, which can last for years. Having 240V 60 gallon with

5-7 HP set up can be a good choice. It can be used perfectly to paint a car or a large van or

power all the air tools easily. If you are willing to give painting touch ups to anything then having

25-35 gallon air compressor is sufficient.

2.Spray gun: It is a tool that can be used for laying the paint. Go for Warwick spray gun for better

quality of work. You can also get any German or Japanese spray gun such as Iwata or SATA in

lesser cost that can work efficiently. These types of spray guns are used for all kinds of projects.

They make a fantastic spray and made from best materials.

3.Slide hammer: If you want to go for dent repair, you have to have it. You can buy any cheaper

version of such hammer and go for any basic slide hammer that makes use of screws or hook to

repair dents. If you want to go for any reasonably priced option, you can go for local swap meets

or any local online classified to get best tools at affordable prices.

4.Autobody hammer and dolly set: They are used to whip panels in their original shape. There are

different kinds of hammers that are given for carrying out particular job. Try to get those that

comes with wooden handles are they last very long.

5.Autobody Sanding Blocks: These are important while you are doing autobody repair. They are

needed at the time of color sanding and buffing, for shaping the body filler and to cut high spots

and low spots in the bodywork. They are very affordable too.

6.Body Filler/ Bondo Spreader and Putty Knives: You can get either the metallic or the plastic one.

They are used to mix body with the filler or the Bondo. Metal ones usually last longer and you

can easily clean them with sander on a wire without any effort. You can clean the metallic ones

just after you stop applying the filler. Plastic ones are difficult to clean.

You can carry out the auto bodywork with these very easily. While setting up the venture in Denver or

any other town, you must make sure that you are aware about the highs and lows of the business.

Adding more tools to the collection can be done as the necessity arrives later.


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