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6 Types of HR Executives Your Campaigns Should Reach Out To

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6 Types of HR Executives Your Campaigns Should Reach Out To - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The role of the Executive HR Recruiter is a much coveted one. It is a well paying job and provides ample opportunities to people for meeting top organization decision makers, network better, etc. It is however a very competitive field in the HR domain – and requires people to have the right combination of skills and competence to be able to master the field. From a marketer’s perspective, contacting a HR Recruiter is a good place to start with selling their products and services. Since they are always in contact with top-decision makers, they often have the authority to influence purchase and sales. With the HR email address list at Lake B2B we therefore offer to our clients the opportunity to do more with their b2b campaign by engaging with the right HR Recruiters through emails, direct mails and telemarketing campaigns, to ensure that their brand and services get the right limelight it deserves. We believe that planned communications is the best way to engage with audiences, considering that marketers need to earn customer loyalty and confidence for sealing business deals. So whatever are your campaign goals – we can assure you that by purchasing our Recruiting Manager mailing address list you will be closer to your business objectives! So why not give it a shot now?\nContact Us:\nCall Us (Toll Free): 800-710-5516\nEmail Us: [email protected]\nWebsite :\n\n

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6 Types of HR Executives Your

Campaigns Should Reach Out To

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About HR Professionals

Why organizations employ HR Officers

Modern day HR Professionals do more than recruitment and selection for

their organizations. They act as strategic business partners, developing

suitable plans with other teams and management team to assist the

organization in achieving their business goals.

Markets and the economy today have shifted from industrial based to

knowledge-based. While initially organizational roles required routine skills

and competence, times have changed now with HR Professionals working on

the holistic development of the human resource. The shift explains why the

focus today is more on Human Capital Management.

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Types of HR Executives

Training & Development



HR Business Partner

Executive HR Recruiter

HR Payroll Specialist

HR IT Specialist

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Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

In an article by HBR, it was opined that CHROs are the

best suited executive professionals for taking up the

position of CEOs.

Pros: Good Career prospects with top CHROs

making more than $200,000 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Devise HR Strategy for

organization. From designing policies and HR business

goals, to recruitment, training, compensation, rewards,

benefits etc. – all run through the CHRO

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Role of the HR Business Partner

Though the nature and level of work carried out by HR

Strategic Business Partners differ between organizations

(based on scale, scope, industry, location, hierarchy etc.)

it is usually one that brings about timely delivery of HR

interventions to support different departments and the

realization of organizational goals and business


Pros: A desirable profile for HR Executives looking at

career progression

Role and Responsibilities: Needs to collaborate and

partner with other business leaders to design strategic

plans to meet departments human resource requirements

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Role of the HR Payroll Specialist

Unlike several other HR roles that are more people-

oriented, the role of the Payroll Specialist is more

‘number oriented.’ It also requires one to be organized

and methodical, with acute sense of attention to detail

and accuracy.

Pros: There is no specific qualification required for

the profile, though certification program in Payroll

Administration, Accounting, Finance or

Management is recommended

Role and Responsibilities: Profile includes understanding

of regulations, payroll processing, managing budgetary

expenditure, tax law understanding, audit employee

timesheet and more.

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Role of the Training & Development Manager

Also known as Talent Transformation Officers, the role of

the Training and Development Manager is to identify lack

in skill sets and train employees to develop them in what

they lack.

Pros: A Training Manager needs to be a people’s

person. Not only do they have to stand in front of

people and train them, but also engage and develop

them in order to perform better. It’s a fulfilling

corporate role for individuals who enjoy being


Role and Responsibilities: They usually design and develop

coursework for conducting in specially held workshops,

webinars, training sessions, conferences etc. Assessment

and continuous improvement may also be a metric for a

T&D Officer.

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Role of the Executive HR Recruiter

The role of the Executive HR Recruiter is a niche one in

that they are busy filling in positions for organization key

executives – including C-Suite professionals, Vice-

positions, Directors, Partners and more.

Pros: A very financially rewarding career, with

enormous opportunities for networking while

helping people to build their careers. Usually paid as

retainers or when the position is filled in, they enjoy

a good paycheck considering that organizations are

always looking out for good talent.

Role and Responsibilities: Recommended to have a Type A

personality considering the role requires meeting new

people, networking, convincing etc. while searching for the

best talent to hire,

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Role of the HR IT Specialist

The position of the HRIT Specialist is a niche one,

considering the involvement of IT in HR. IT has deeply

spread across the HR domain with many software and

services being built for HR purpose exclusively. They can

be software developers, IT Architects etc. with necessary

certifications in Human Resources as well.

Pros: HR IT Specialists are highly sought after and

paid well since it’s a niche specialization that

requires adequate understanding of IT systems and

Human Resource practices.

Role and Responsibilities: HR IT Specialists may not have

direct interaction with employees but plays a crucial

supportive role by facilitating the technology that helps the

organization to function.

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Email List of HR Executives

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