do you really need to build a list
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Do You Really Need To Build a List?

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Do You Really Need To Build a List? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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List building is a necessary part of your online business. Learn how to build a list the right way and take your business to the next level.

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do you really need to build a list

Do You Really Need To Build a List?

Is it necessary or just a waste of time?


One of the biggest mistakes that new marketers and entrepreneurs make when building their online business is in NOT growing a mailing list.


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that list building and email marketing is complicated, costly or worse, not an integral part of your online success.


It’s not only a vital component in the growth of any online business, but it’s the smartest and easiest way to build credibility in your market, and to position yourself as an authority figure.


You want and need to build a mailing list of targeted prospects.

People who not only have been proven to have interest in your market, but you have been proven to BUY products and services from within your market.


The ONLY incentive you ever want to offer your subscribers is with a product or offer that is extremely targeted towards the products or services you eventually plan to promote.


You need to identify an existing need within your market and create an incentive offer around that demand.


For example, if you were catering to new bloggers, offering an exclusive Wordpress plug-in that helps them save time or money would likely be very successful.


The key is in offering whatever you decide to give away, for free. You want to focus on building a list of targeted prospects, and you’ll have plenty of time to sell to them later on.


You will need a few resources to get started including an autoresponder. There are several free and paid platforms you can use but you will want to get a professional paid account as soon as you can.


Then you will need to either buy or create a squeeze page with an opt in form to capture subscribers email addresses. You will also need a web hosting account in order to get your squeeze page on the web.


Once you have your incentive offer squeeze page live on the web and are set up with your auto responder, you can begin driving traffic to your squeeze page and start building you list.


However, you will want to have a backend sales system in place in order to start marketing to the subscribers you gain through your sqeezepage.


These are some of the many aspects to successful list building and email marketing but don’t be intimidated into notstarting to build your first list right away.


Everything you need to be successful is available in the product:

List Building BulletThe first thing you need to do is invest in a complete list building course, so visit the link below and get started right