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Brad Gebhard - The Science Behind Advertisements and Marketing Strategies

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Brad Gebhard - The Science Behind Advertisements and Marketing Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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brad gebhard

Brad Gebhard

The Science Behind Advertisements and Marketing Strategies


Brad Gebhard is a marketing and advertising professional who has spent the last twenty-five years of his career growing the brands of multinational corporations in order to enhance business performance.

He is skilled in brand identity, logo design, brand positioning, brand strategy, content strategy, key messages, and integrated communication plans.


Most importantly, he understands the science behind advertisements that many people don’t, which has made him successful in the industry.

The science behind advertisements and marketing campaigns is more complex than you would initially think.


However, many advertisement companies hire psychiatrists and psychologists in order to help develop a strategy that will truly capture the attentions of their target audience.

It can be hard to predict the wants and needs of the consumer, and the professionals need all the help they can get in order to come up with a campaign that is sure to have an effect on people.


Teams of researchers are able to study what advertisements seem to be most influential on consumers, and then build from those same ideas.

The ads that have a tendency to stick in peoples’ minds the most are those that affect people emotionally, which more and more companies are trying to do with their short windows of time in between shows, videos, or songs.


Brad Gebhard has been working successfully in the marketing and advertising world for quite some time; he understands what it takes to create and develop a unique advertisement that will capture the attention of a target consumer audience.