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Brad gebhard

Brad Gebhard

Elements Of Strategic Marketing

Brad gebhard is a consumer products executive who has over twenty-five years of experience in expanding the marketing strategies of some of the world’s best-known athletic apparel brands.

within that time frame, he has helped build global marketing campaigns for brands such as nike, adidas, salomon and more, while also helping organize and facilitate mergers and acquisitions that have brought apparel companies to the next level.

The results that gebhard provides speak volumes of his expertise, and he understands the importance of the following marketing strategies:

  • Identifying Your Target Markets

  • Expanding Your Markets

  • Attracting New Channels of Distribution

Identifying your target markets
Identifying Your Target Markets

Your target markets are essentially the people who are most likely to buy your product in an orderly fashion.

While all successful companies often seek these markets, small-scale marketing budgets will often put an extra emphasis on these markets for a more immediate return on investment.

Expanding your markets
Expanding Your Markets

Target markets are identified by those most likely to buy a product, but what about those that fall into the “maybe” section?

Marketing professionals analyze the potential for new markets, and try to find ways to reach out to those populations through effective branding strategies that isolate certain factors to help influence and attract new customers.

Attracting new channels of distribution
Attracting New Channels of Distribution

Sometimes, expanding your markets is simply a matter of expanding your distributors, as the locations of certain retailers and other businesses can sometimes serve to appeal to a whole new demographic. People often feel closer to a product when they can see it on a shelf locally, rather than seeing advertisements on television for a product that they can’t find.

Brad Gebhard’s experience in consumer products is reflected in his deep-rooted knowledge of how to reach and grow target markets.

His methods have been put to the test by some of the world’s most popular outdoor apparel brands, and have produced quantifiable success.