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Check out Furnito - the all new Odoo ecommerce theme for furniture industry. Furnito is a HTML5 theme and is fast, feature-rich and full of custom snippets.

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Presenting Furnito - The Next Generation Odoo Ecommerce Them...

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Presenting furnito the next generation odoo ecommerce theme for furniture industry

Presenting Furnito- The NextGeneration OdooEcommerce ThemeforFurniture Industry

Odoo Ecommerce,withits nativeintegrationofOdooapps,haschangedthe wayhowe-commercebusinessesshowcasetheirstoresonline.Andalargepart oftheattractionofOdooEcommerceisthethemeitself.InanOdootheme,you canexperimentwiththesnippetsinsteadofdefiningtheentirelayoutofthe page. This definitely impacts the user experience to a great extent.

Biztechhasbeenleadingfromtheforefrontbylaunchingonebestsellingtheme afteranother.AfterthesuccessofCrafito, anotherrecentadditiontoour portfolio of awesome Odoo themes isFurnito.

Presenting furnito the next generation odoo ecommerce theme for furniture industry

About Furnito

Furnito is anextgenerationOdooE-commercethemewhichis particularly designedtoservethebestdesignforwebstoresrelatedtothefurniture industry.Furnitogivesanewdefinitiontowebsitemanagementforhome furnishingandfurniturestores.It’s abest-inclassOdooEcommercetheme based on HTML5 and isfull of features and custom snippets.

What Makes Furnito Worth Buying?

The design

Furnitooffersyouanelegantandresponsivedesignwhichisunmatchedtothe normale-commercewebsitedesignsavailableontheweb.Thoughmajorlyitis designedforthefurnitureindustry,itcanverywellaccommodateanycategory ofproductsane-storewishestoshowcase.Thisanswersfortheflexibilityofthe theme as well.

Ease of Usage

Thethemeiseasytouseasminimalcodinghasbeenusedinthesoftwarethat makestheinstallation,usage,andmaintenancetrouble-free.Itoffersyouone click installation and optimized speed for better experience.


The snippetsareoneofthebestfeaturesoftheodooecommercethemes. Furnitopolishesitfurtherwitheffortlessdraganddropsnippets.Therearemulti productslidersnippetsfromwherethecustomercandirectlyaddproductsto thecartandseetheratingsaswell.Thattoois availableindifferentwidths. Additionally, the snippets can be used multiple times and isfully alterable.

Presenting furnito the next generation odoo ecommerce theme for furniture industry


Thethemeislargelycustomizableintermsofsnippetsandotherconfigurations. The headers and footers of the page can also be experimented with.

Multiple languageandCurrency Support

Furnito supportsmultiplelanguageswhichmakesthee-commercestores reachabletomorenumberofcustomers.Youcanalsocustomizeittoaccept various currencies, which is definitely a plus from business point of view.

Customer Connectivity

The themeprovidesanoptionofnewslettersubscriptionalongwiththe leverageofmanagingtheproductreviewsandproductratingsbythecustomers. It alsoprovideswithchoicestoattractivelypositiontestimonials.Inaway,it helpsthee-commercebusinesseshelpconnectinabetterwaywithits customers, facilitating conversion.

Better Shopping Experience

Furnitoprovidesanadvancedmenupageandacompletelynewandinnovative cartpage.Thecategorylistcanbecollapsedaccordingtotherequirementofthe customer.Theproductsaddedinthecartcanbereviewedquickly.Multiple productimagesareaccommodatedwithazoomoptiontogivetheviewera betterunderstandingoftheproduct.Also,theproductscanbesortedaccording topriceandotherfeatures.All thiscertainlyresultsinabettershopping experienceforthecustomer.Andaccordingtotheultimaterule,ahappy customer is undeniably a returning customer.

Presenting furnito the next generation odoo ecommerce theme for furniture industry

Other features

Apart fromall this, Furnitoprovidesthee-commercebusinesseswithsome specialfeatureswhichincludearangeofchoicestoputupwhenthesiteis undermaintenance,separatesectionforblog,andstoresupportinvariant languages.

All thisanswersforthereliability oftheproductandwhyyoushouldmost certainlygoforFurnitoandwhyit is thebestOdooecommercethemeforfurnitureindustry.

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