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The process of insulation can be time consuming and complex. Only a professional and trusted company should do this work. Attic Construction the leading attic insulation company in San Diego. We offer the most affordable insulation services and customer satisfaction for energy efficient homes. We are the one stop solution for your all attic problems. Contact us for more information! To know more about the attic insulation Installation Process in details, visit here:

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Homes insulation is the most practical and cost effective way to make a house more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Insulation is the necessary component of your home structure and serves multiple function such as keeping the home at regular temperature all climatic conditions.

Half of the energy we use to heat or cool our homes can simply leak out without insulation.

  • Save money on your energy bills

  • Reduce your energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems

  • Improve your comfort at home.

When you are planning your insulation, you will need to consult an expert to ensure that it complies with the rules for your area. Insulation can also affect other parts of your home like electrics, which creates all sorts of related fire and electrocution hazards. The regulations that exist are as much for safety and the prevention of accidents as they are for energy efficiency.

There are two main types of insulation:

  • Bulk insulation

  • Reflective insulation

Heat flow between your home and the outside, keeping heat out of your home in summer and in your home in winter. It comes in batts, rolls, boards and can be made from materials like glass wool, polyester, natural wool or recycled paper. Bulk insulation is usually used in homes located in cooler climates.

Reflective insulation is generally used to keep your home cool in summer by deflecting radiant heat. It is usually shiny aluminium foil laminated onto paper or plastic. Reflective insulation is usually used in homes located in hot and very sunny climates.

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