Standardized test scores in colleges
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Standardized Tests in Colleges PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standardized Tests in Colleges

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Standardized test scores in colleges

Standardized Test Scores in Colleges




  • Standard testing is used as the basis of measuring intelligence in students.

  • Students who do well are considered bright and intelligent.

  • Test does not reflect any aspect of a person excelling in future.

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Why the tests are used

Why the Tests are Used

  • It is the only way to assess the brightness of the students who report to colleges.

  • It brings a lot of income to the colleges.

  • Colleges do not have other ways of verifying that students meet college qualifications.

  • Colleges determine a platform that judges and measures the wellness of students.

  • It helps colleges and universities to sort and accommodate students.

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  • Standardized tests deny many a chance to proceed with their education despite their capabilities.

  • No test can be used to measure whether a student will excel.

  • Standardized tests should not be the only measure used when deciding who should join college.

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Standardized tests in colleges


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