Us china relations
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US-China Relations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

US-China Relations

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US-China Relations

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US-China Relations

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The U.S-China Foreign Policy Relations

No relationship will be as critical to the 21st century as the one between the United States. China's advancement is directly changing the lives of about one-fifth of the world's population and is generally affecting those of a billion others across the globe.

The U.S-China Foreign Policy Relations

The United States association with China touches on a number of issues including:


Currency exchange,

Financial issues,

Human rights affairs.

Decision making in politics and foreign relations

The environment of making decisions in politics and especially at the foreign policy level is characterized by two most dominant approaches namely;

The cognitive psychology and

The rational choice.

Decision making in politics and foreign relations

The supporters of rational often seek to make determinations on the national level of interest in the country, in this case the US, and clearly outlines the various objectives and goals that have to be met, normally in their order of importance.

Decision making in politics and foreign relations

Supporters of the cognitive psychology approach advocate for the need to have information processed and made available to enable the judgment process to effectively take place in uncertain and at times complex environments.

Chinese and US culture that defines their relationship

The mutual correlation between China, regarded as one of the oldest civilizations in the modern world, and the United States, one of the most recent world civilizations with the strongest economy across the globe, is of great concern to both countries, as well as for the entire world.

Chinese and US culture that defines their relationship

Money is the most essential element in terms of all business investments that are conducted between China and US

Many American multinationals have invested in China.

Chinese and US culture that defines their relationship

Any variances in Sino-US financial relations might influence the worldwide exchanging and fiscal framework, and might in turn push impacts on the two nations' political and strategic choice.

Chinese and US culture that defines their relationship

Provincial legislative issues have assumed an essential part in forming the China-US relationship.

There is a development that intends to accomplish for minorities the same status white Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP) have liked in political, social life.


The principal and generally essential precept of neo-conservatism is a firm faith in the need for the United States to assume an animated part on the world.


The second mainstay of neo-conservatism—power could be abridged by a couple of most beloved outflows.

American supremacy in the globe is a stroke of luck for whatever is left of the world.

America does not look to overcome and abuse, yet rather to free and democratize, and gives goods publicly to all people.


Unilateralism, the third standard of neo-conservatism, affirms that American force, not the United Nations Security Council, gives peace and security for whatever remains of the world.


To support supremacy and the capacity to act unilaterally, huge military limits are wanted. In the event that liberals can find shared view with neo-cons on the need of some outside intercessions, they were never completely agreeable with the utilization of American forces.


Democracy is the fifth guideline of neoconservatives that is regarded as one of the most challenging aspects for most nations to achieve.

The Dilemma in US-China Relations, Containment verses Engagement

One of the central issues in the Asia-Pacific locale in the post-Cold War world is the manner by which to distinguish the ascent of China. There have been contentions on whether to hold the administration of China or to captivate China in the global social order.

The Dilemma in US-China Relations, Containment verses Engagement

The supporters of regulation contend that the ascent of China is a potential risk to the indispensable diversions of the United States, and support measures dependent upon conventional equalize of force notion by reinforcing dealings with the associated nations.


Regardless of the progresses made, the U.S.-China relationship remains unpredictable in nature as the two nations have different political frameworks. Most Americans are uncomfortable with China's dictatorship arrangement of government.

This is contrary to the perception among the Chinese who are sceptical and believe that the US, by pressing China to adopt the freedom and democracy approach of liberalism, is to destabilize China and push the Communist Party from force.

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