Program to prevent childhood obesity
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Program to Prevent Childhood Obesity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Program to Prevent Childhood Obesity

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Program to prevent childhood obesity
Program to Prevent Childhood Obesity

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  • Childhood obesity refers to the condition of being overweight exhibiting excessive body fats beyond the normal index.

  • This affects a child’s well being in terms of healthiness and mental growth.

Methods to correct child obesity
Methods to correct child obesity

  • A recent research on the prevention aspects of obesity noted that programs set to prevent overweight could as well be used to manage body weight in children.

  • They include the following:

1 individual level
1. Individual level:

  • Primary care providers should direct their attention to mothers instead of focusing on young children.

2 family unit prevention
2. Family unit prevention:

  • This calls for parents and family members to take initiative in the provision of the right food portions, promote bodily activity, exploit actions of everyday living, and reduce inactive behaviors.

3 institutional childhood obesity prevention
3. Institutional childhood obesity prevention:

  • Schools are viewed as a central place where children nutritional and physical activity level can be managed.

4 community level prevention
4. Community-level prevention:

  • The community is involved in structural changes that enhance diet variation along with bodily activities.


  • Health care settings provide an opportune moment to check on the child’s growth rate as well as abnormal body weight.

  • The existing programs have greatly failed to reduce the energy gap; therefore, there is a need to rethink on the programs put in place to prevent childhood obesity.

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