Send Father's day gifts to the Hero Dad with vouchersmate

Send Father's day gifts to the Hero Dad with vouchersmate PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Don't miss the chance to say thanks to your Dear father this time on Father's Day. Wish him with our Unique Father's day gifts range at

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Send Father's day gifts to the Hero Dad with vouchersmate

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Presentation Transcript

1. Wish your Heroic Dad A very Happy Father’s Day!

2. Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy!!

3. When is Father’s Day in 2012? We celebrate Father’s Day this year on June 17, 2012. Every year the third Sunday of the month of June is celebrated as the international Father's Day. The man whom every person considers as his first hero is celebrated on this day and is usually observed all over the world by children who adore their old man. It is a very special occasion in any person’s lives as people celebrate fatherhood and start a trend of respecting the fathers who often get less credit for raising a child than the mother. Father’s day gift vouchers are often very handy on such occasions as they are received as cool and utility presents. It is a special way to let the daddies know how important they are to our lives. At Vouchersmate, one would find a variety of unique gift options for their special Dads!

4. Gift a Book Gift Voucher - One simple gesture like gifting a book he loves can make the head of the family feel so proud of his kids and bring a wide smile on his face which is enough to remind him how close he is to his kids. If an avid literature reader, A bookstore Gift Voucher is a perfect gift for him to choose his own gift!

5. Personalized T-shirts - At, one would find special Daddy collection for T-shirts with slogan texts like No.1 Daddy, Super Dad, World’s Best Dad and more! a superb way to make him feel loved with a gift that always stays near to him.

6. Personalized Mugs – coffee mugs with cool designs and slogan texts are great gifts for your Beverage loving Father! So if he is a teatotaler or a coffee shaker, the mugs would always stay by his bedside.

7. Father’s Day Greeting Cards are a special and a heart-touching way to express your love to your dear dad. At vouchersmate, we have launched a special Father’s day 2012 greeting cards collection.

8. Do you have a Geek or a Chef Dad ?? If yes, then do look out for our Unique Gifts range like Laptop skins, Soap Baskets, Kitchen Champ aprons or a Mug for the farting Dad!

9. Traditional Gifts like Flowers and Cakes are one of the best ways to send your wishes to your dear father this Father’s Day. At vouchersmate , you would find options like roses, Lilies, Carnations in Flowers and Egg and Eggless cakes in all flavors like Chocolate, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Vanilla, Black forest and more. At vouchersmate, we enjoy a shipping and delivery network spread across India.

10. Not just biological fathers this day can also mean as a day of respecting and regarding a father figure who has guided one a lot lifelong. He can be a godfather or a mentor who has stood by one through thick and thin and been a perfect parent. Such surrogacy is often appreciated by people by presenting him personalized gifts like Personalized T-shirts, Mugs or even Laptop skins. It is thus an occasion of regarding the many contributions of the male figures who have been huge guides in our lives.

11. And In case you are still confused, then the best option available to give are Gift Vouchers, a Gift voucher gifts a freedom of choice, and allows them to choose their own gift. Dining Gift Vouchers, Spa Gift Vouchers, Books gift vouchers and Movie vouchers are one of the bestsellers for occasions like Father’s Day! So go ahead, and make your Hero daddy feel loved this Father’s Day!

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