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Welcome to RUSH week…. HELLO LADIES!!. We’re very glad you could join us for this fun RUSH event. Hopefully you will learn more about Sigma Alpha Iota and we can answer your questions. This presentation will address the following questions:. What IS Sigma Alpha Iota? Who’s involved?

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Welcome to RUSH week…

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Rush powerpoint presentation

Welcome to RUSH week…

Hello ladies


We’re very glad you could join us for this fun RUSH event. Hopefully you will learn more about Sigma Alpha Iota and we can answer your questions. This presentation will address the following questions:

  • What IS Sigma Alpha Iota?

  • Who’s involved?

  • What does SAI do?

  • What sets SAI apart from other music fraternities?

  • How does someone join SAI?

What is sigma alpha iota

What IS Sigma Alpha Iota?!

  • Greek music fraternity for women!

  • Founded June 12, 1903 at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, MI

  • With over 300 college and alumnae chapters, SAI has more than 108,000 initiated members from all over the United States.

  • Purposes are to foster interest in music and to promote social contact among persons sharing an interest in music

Fraternity or sorority

Fraternity or Sorority?

  • In the beginning, Sigma Alpha Iota WAS called a sorority.

  • In 1926, became "Fraternity," which cones from the abstract feminine Latin noun fraternitas, refers to both men and women.

  • It has been used by all the music fraternities for many years.

Rush powerpoint presentation

As a fraternity based upon a single academic discipline, Sigma Alpha Iota differs from the General Fraternity, Honor Society, and other organizations in the field of music. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota may join honor societies or social sororities, and professional fraternities in fields other than music.

**You can still join organizations

other than fraternities….

Our purpose

Our Purpose

  • To form chapters of women college students and alumnae who have a sincere interest in music.

  • To uphold the highest standards of music.

  • To further the development of music in America and throughout the world.

  • To give inspiration and encouragement to members.

  • To organize the cultural like of Sigma Alpha Iota members as a contributing factor to their educational growth.

  • To support the ideals and goals of the member's Alma Mater.

  • To adhere to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community, and fraternity life.

Who is involved in sai at uw ec

Who is involved in SAI at UW-EC?

Let s meet the ladies

Let’s meet the ladies!!

Becky soules

Becky Soules

Michelle kochan

Michelle Kochan

Megan mulholland

Megan Mulholland

Lauren zemlicka

Lauren Zemlicka

Abby bordak

Abby Bordak

Emily richardson

Emily Richardson

Lauren buelow

Lauren Buelow

Monica waterhouse

Monica Waterhouse

Lara conrad

Lara Conrad

Rachel carter

Rachel Carter

Angela roehl

Angela Roehl

Justina brown

Justina Brown

Mary zimmerman

Mary Zimmerman

Angie nieman

Angie Nieman

Lexi zunker


Hannah farr

Hannah Farr

Julia flanagan

Julia Flanagan

Deanna schlies

Deanna Schlies

Emily worzalla

Emily Worzalla

Kira zeman


Kira zeman1


Kira zeman2




  • As with any organizations, we have our advisors to help us when we get in over our heads and to give us some fresh, new ideas when times get rough. These ladies are our mentors and just like our fellow members, they are our “sisters.”

Dr. Christa Garvey

Dr. Jessica Riley

Dr. Mitra Sadeghpour

Patroness members

Patroness Members!

  • Patroness members are women who support the arts in the community, and have been invited by a college or alumnae chapter to join SAI.

    (From Left: Kelly Heidel, Allison Ostrander, and Barb Tumm)

We also have also initiated two distinguished members of sai at uwec

We also have also initiated two distinguished members of SAI at UWEC…

Dr. Mark Heidel (left) and Mr. Nobuyoshi Yasuda

What does sai do

What does SAI do??

Sharing our love for music

Sharing Our Love For Music!!

  • SAI gives you more opportunities to perform the music that you love. We perform for each other in musicales throughout the year and we will be having another SAI recital in the Spring.

  • SAI can be a great connection for finding music written by or performed by female musicians.

  • Members are encouraged to share music with the rest of the group at our meetings. You get to share the music you enjoy with people who will listen and care.

Rush powerpoint presentation

Some SAI Members in action!



Face the music

Face the Music!

  • This was an annual fundraiser in which two music faculty members compete all week long to raise the most money. By the end of the week, the faculty member with the most money in their jar gets pied by the other faculty member. The money we raise from this goes towards our music scholarship!

Ftm bigger and better

FTM: Bigger and Better!



You’ll notice us at many of the student recitals. A lot of students will pay us to have a reception at their recital. The cost is reasonable and it helps the performer get rid of excess pre-recital stress!

Making cards

Making Cards!!

SAI does card sales throughout the year. All cards are designed by Kelly Heidel. Kelly prepares “homework bags” for us and then we get together and finish putting all the pieces together. Then we bundle them up and sell them! It’s a lot of fun!

Other fundraisers

Other Fundraisers!!

  • Annual Book Sale

  • Valentine’s Day Rose Sale

  • Bake Sales

Plus so many new

ideas each year!!

Where does our money go

Where does our money go?

  • While raising money is not our main goal, we do need a lot of it to function. (Supply expenses, ritual expenses, etc.)

  • Music Scholarships

  • Promoting music!

  • Charity—Our chapter is really trying to do more charity work. We recently formed a Chapter Outreach Committee to start some new projects for the community.

What is so special about sai

What is so special about SAI?



  • SAI does have fraternity rituals. Some of them are public but most of them are private rituals that you can learn about once you are initiated. These rituals are a very special part of Sigma Alpha Iota and really set us apart from most other fraternities or sororities on campus.



Our chapter has grown really close in the past few years. We are very proud of the sisterhood that has been formed. We truly love music and want to share this love with you all! There is a quote on another chapter’s site that says,

“SAI is not a group to join. It’s a way of life.”

How can you join sai

How can you join SAI?

  • Come to a RUSH event! Learn more about SAI and express your interest to chapter members.

  • We will send you an invitation to pledge.

  • Attend the pledge ceremony.

  • Begin Member-in-Training classes.

  • Meet all financial requirements. (Sorry!)

  • Go through the initiation ceremony!

    …AND YOU’RE IN!!!

For more information

For more information…

  • Visit our website www.uwec.edu/sai

  • Check out our SAI board across from the band room.

  • Email our Vice-President of Membership, Emily Richardson at richarem@uwec.edu.

  • Read the National Sigma Alpha Iota website! http://www.sigmaalphaiota.org/

Rush powerpoint presentation


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