Programs, Policies & Practices to Recruit, Enroll and Support Community College
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Programs, Policies & Practices to Recruit, Enroll and Support Community College Transfer StudentsCase Study Findings

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Research Partners: Support Community College New England Resource Center for Higher EducationUniversity of Massachusetts BostonCenter for Urban EducationUniversity of Southern CaliforniaTomas Rivera Policy InstituteUniversity of Southern California

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Overview of Presentation Support Community College

  • Case study context, purpose, and methodology

  • Findings across institutions

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Context of Case Study Support Community College

  • High-achieving, low-income CC transfer students:

    • transfer at very low rates to highly-selective institutions

    • complete degrees at same rates as natives

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Context of Case Study Support Community College

  • Some highly-selective institutions facilitate transfer, orientation, and support of low-income CC transfer students

  • Low-income CC transfer students cross borders between 2- and 4-year institutions with the help of faculty and administrators

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Purpose of Case Study Support Community College

  • Identify exemplary transfer access programs/practices at 4-year institutions in the public and private sectors and at community colleges

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Methodology Support Community College

  • Research question:

    What successful models exist at selective 4-year institutions that demonstrate how to recruit, admit, retain, and graduate high-achieving, low-income community college transfer students?

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Areas of Inquiry Support Community College

  • Policies and practices that characterize the recruitment, admission, and support of low-income community college transfer students

  • Factors affecting the successful transfer of these students

  • Impediments to expanding the opportunities for low-income community college students to attend 4-year selective institutions

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Data Collection Support Community College

  • Interviews

  • Self-Assessment Inventory (SAI)

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Interviewees Support Community College

  • Administrators:

    • Presidents

    • Chief academic officers

    • Deans of admissions and financial aid

  • Direct service administrators, including directors of transfer counseling

  • Faculty at 2- and 4-year institutions

Self assessment inventory sai l.jpg
Self Assessment Inventory (SAI) Support Community College

  • Student Services

  • Financial Aid

  • Personnel

  • Publicity and Public Statements

  • Institutional Transfer Policies and Practices

  • Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Barriers to Transfer Access

  • Institutional Mission

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Findings across Institutions: Support Community College

  • Partnerships

  • Programs/Practices that Support C C Transfer Students

  • Financial Aid

  • Dedicated Resources

  • External Environment

  • Transfer Champions

  • Critical Role of Faculty

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Partnerships Support Community College

  • Between 4- and 2-Year Institutions

  • Dept’s, Schools, Divisions

  • With K-12 Systems

  • Among Presidents

  • Faculty Networks

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Partnerships Support Community College

  • Partnerships: Multiple Participants

  • Programmatic Partnerships

  • Articulation Agreements

  • State Policy

  • Inter-organizational Arrangements

  • Intra-organizational Partnerships

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Supporting CC Transfer Students Support Community College

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Financial Aid Support Community College

  • Broad-based Policies for Aid

    • “Needs-blind” admission policy

    • Provide information about various sources of financial aid: scholarships

    • Provide comprehensive student support programs for 2-year transfer students:

      • assistance w financial aid app’s,

      • counseling on money mgmnt,

      • academic assistance,

      • information

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Financial Aid Support Community College

  • Thoughtful reallocation of institutional resources

    • Create funds specifically for low-income transfer students

  • Auditing financial aid policies & practices to uncover hidden barriers

    • functionally constrain community college students from applying

Dedicated resources l.jpg
Dedicated Resources Support Community College

  • Recruiting

    • Admissions reps regularly on 2-yr campus

  • Advising

    • Early student ID, information-sharing

  • Inter-institutional Collaboration

  • Ongoing Academic Support

  • Information Technology

    • Information, applications, orientations, curriculum guides, articulation system

External environment l.jpg
External Environment Support Community College

  • Curricular regulation

    • Articulation and course sequencing

  • Enrollment management in programs

    • Track to 2-yr prep program

  • Public awareness of transfer options

    • Simplification, streamlining, the Internet

  • Collectivizing Resources

    • Efficient use for multiple parties within system

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Transfer “Champions” Support Community College

  • Individual commitment to their work

  • Commitment to pervasive and deep internal change at their institution

  • Ongoing belief in strong personal relationships

    • within inter-organizational partnerships

The critical role of faculty l.jpg
The Critical Role of Faculty Support Community College

  • Campus Leaders

    • Affect extent to which innovations are adopted

  • Teaching and Learning Process

    • Adapt teaching approach for variety of learning styles

    • Changes in faculty perception/knowledge

  • Advisors

    • Guidance, mentoring, counsel

Barriers to transfer access l.jpg
Barriers to Transfer Access Support Community College

  • Closed Majors

    • High demand; limited enrollment capacity

    • Increased Admissions Requirements

  • Prestige Maximization

  • Inadequate Evaluation

  • Housing Limitations

  • Lack of financial aid info, availability, perceptions, both students & staff

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Practices Supporting Support Community College Transfer of Low-Income Community College Students to Selective Institutions: Case Study Findings

For a copy of the report, visit:

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Practices Supporting Support Community College Transfer of Low-Income Community College Students to Selective Institutions: Case Study Findings

Glenn Gabbard

New England Resource Center for Higher Education

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Boulevard

Boston MA 02125

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