Custodial services service level change presentation 6 11 09
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Office Cleaning 2010 Info Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Custodial Services Service Level Change Presentation 6/11/09 Discussion Topics Mission and Vision Our budget reductions What this mean for the Customer Our Mission We provide the University with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to live, learn and work Our Vision

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Custodial services service level change presentation 6 11 09 l.jpg

Custodial ServicesService Level ChangePresentation6/11/09

Discussion topics l.jpg
Discussion Topics

  • Mission and Vision

  • Our budget reductions

  • What this mean for the Customer

Our mission l.jpg
Our Mission

We provide the University with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to live, learn and work

Our Vision

“We will lead our industry in Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism, Quality, Sustainability, Safety, and Employee Development while remaining Fiscally Responsible. We will service our customers with the ‘ICARE’ spirit.”

Core Values

Integrity – Communication – Accountability – Respect – Excellence

Custodial impact on the student learning environment l.jpg
Custodial Impact on the Student Learning Environment

  • Research projects and surveys have shown that there is a direct correlation between

    • levels of cleanliness and student’s ability to learn

    • levels of cleanliness and the student’s personal health

  • Both Public and Private Higher Education institutions participated

    • School sizes ranged from 1,185 – 34,000 students

      • 74% of students felt that a neat and clean campus is required to provide a good learningenvironment

  • Charged with reducing our general fund budget by 8 2 l.jpg
    Charged with reducing our General Fund budget by 8.2%

    • We are staffed to specific tasks and frequencies

    • Service & Frequency Levels were reduced

      • Staff reductions reflected in service & frequency level changes

    • Frequency reductions were based on maximum fiscal gains and minimum impact to the Student Learning Environment

    The key to our success l.jpg
    The Key to our Success

    • Reduce costs, yet remain customer focused

    • Identified service levels to reduce minimum impact on the Students Learning Environment

    • Keep services “in line” with industry standards

    Shift adjustments l.jpg
    Shift Adjustments

    • Moving 16 third shift employees to first shift effective June 29, 2009

      • Allows for better communication

      • Better coordination of work

      • More immediate response to spills and custodial requests

      • Opportunity for a stronger partnership between custodial staff and building occupants

      • Saved Custodial FTE with shift differential savings

    Becoming more efficient l.jpg
    Becoming More Efficient

    • Purchasing better equipment

      • Allowing us to increase production and efficiency

    • Investing in Quality Matting

      • Will keep the buildings cleaner, safer, and improve the curb appeal of our entrances

    Outline of affected areas l.jpg
    Outline of affected areas

    • Office Spaces

      • The largest and most noticeable impact

    • Labs

    • Corridors and Hallways

    • Departmental Conference Rooms

    • Shift Adjustments

    Corridors and hallways l.jpg
    Corridors and Hallways

    • Perform Annual Deep Cleaning of Floors

    • High / Low dusting performed bi-weekly

    Corridor and hallway services l.jpg
    Corridor and Hallway Services

    • Daily Dust mopping and Auto Scrubbing

    • Daily dusting and spot cleaning

    • Daily cleaning of Drinking fountains

    • Bi-Weekly High / Low dusting

    • Weekly mid level dusting

    • Entrances cleaned daily

    Office spaces l.jpg
    Office Spaces

    • Office cleaning performed once per week

    • Eliminate desk side trash and recycle service

      • Customers will bring their own waste to centralized bins for us to service

    Weekly office cleaning tasks l.jpg
    Weekly Office Cleaning Tasks

    • Vacuum / Sweep and mop

    • Dusting accessible areas

      • Desk tops, Shelves, Chairs, Ledges, Cobwebs

    • Stain Removal

      • Carpet spotting, coffee spills, fingerprints, etc

    • Disinfecting Touch Zones

      • Door knobs, Phones

    • We do not touch computers, Electronics or personal items

    What about my trash can l.jpg
    What about my trash Can ?

    • Each individual will receive a new “mini” trash can to use at their desk.

    • Mini trash cans are easy to empty and keep clean. Reminds you to reduce waste and recycle.

    • If you want, you may keep your existing trash can ... But remember:

      • Custodial Services will not empty your personal trash or recycling from your office

      • Plastic Bags (Liners) will not be provided

        • You or your department can purchase these through the book store or Office Max

    • In the Fall, we will collect all trash cans that are no longer needed

    Helpful hints l.jpg
    Helpful Hints

    • Empty trash frequently to

      • Avoid Pests

      • Prevent lingering smells

    • Avoid plastic bag usage by using your

      new mini bin

    • Do not put liquids in trash

    • Empty before weekends and


    • Keep your bin clean by rinsing it out


    Public versus departmental conference rooms l.jpg
    Public versus DepartmentalConference Rooms

    • Daily service will be provided to Public Conference rooms for example -

      • “Classroom utilized spaces”

        • 481 Main, Allen House, HSRF 300

      • R25 Event Spaces

        • Memorial Lounge, North Lounge, John Dewey Lounge

    • Weekly service will be provided to Departmental conference rooms for example -

      • College of Medicine Conference Rooms, HR Conference Room Waterman, 438 College, Kalkin Conference Room

    Departmental conference spaces l.jpg
    Departmental Conference Spaces

    Eliminate Daily Cleaning

    • Switch to weekly full service clean

      Eliminate Trash and Recycle Services

    • Remind all users they are responsible for clean up, use a “carry in carry out” philosophy

    Custodial contact info l.jpg
    Custodial Contact Info

    Main Office Phone 656-3385

    Monday – Friday (7:00am-4:00pm)

    After Hours 656-2560

    Emergent type calls


    [email protected]

    Work Orders – FAMIS Self Service