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Implementing Pre-GED Programs. A Guide for Administrators and Instructors 2005 - 2006. Purpose. To prepare adult students who function at the 6.0 – 8.9 level for success in the GED Preparation Program. Areas of Instruction. Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing9900121LCP A

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Implementing Pre-GED Programs

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Implementing Pre-GED Programs

A Guide for Administrators and Instructors

2005 - 2006


To prepare adult students who function at the 6.0 – 8.9 level for success in the GED Preparation Program.

Areas of Instruction

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing9900121LCP A

  • Pre-GED Social Studies9900122LCP B

  • Pre-GED Science 9900123LCP C

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Reading9900124LCP D

  • Pre-GED Mathematics9900125LCP E

  • Pre-GED Comprehensive9900126LCP A,B,C,D,E

Student Entry

  • TABE score of 6.0 – 8.9 in the enrolled subject area

  • TABE Reading score above 6.0 will allow students to enroll in and earn LCPs in Pre-GED Reading, Social Studies and Science

  • Student may be enrolled in more then one program (ABE, Pre-GED, ABE) at the same time depending on test scores.

Enrollment Options

  • Example: Student with TABE Reading 6.8 TABE Mathematics 3.7,

    TABE Language 5.6

  • Enrollment: Pre-GED Reading, Social Studies and Science –

    ABE Mathematics and Language

Enrollment Options

  • Example: Student with TABE Mathematics score of 7.2, TABE Language Score of 6.1 and TABE Reading Score of 4.8

  • Enrollment: Pre-GED Language and Mathematics, and ABE Reading (Social Studies and Science will wait until a Reading qualifying 6.0 is achieved)


  • Several agencies suggest that Science and Social Studies be covered first!

  • Materials used from both Contemporary and Steck-Vaughn along with Pre-GED software.

  • Completion of SS & Science certified by Progress Report and Official GED Practice Test score of 410 in each subject (inc. Reading).

  • Post-test on TABE Reading

  • Most students pass all sub-tests easily!

  • Mathematics and Language Arts, Writing are administered when the student attains competencies and 410 on the Practice Test.

LCPs for Science and Social Studies

  • Student scores at or above 9.0 on TABE in the Science or Social Studies subtest of TABE 9 or 10.

  • The instructor completes the Progress Report (formerly checklist) attesting to attainment of the competencies.

Intended Outcomes

  • 01.0 Demonstrate and apply language skills through writing and communicating ideas effectively.

  • 02.0 Demonstrate and apply reading skills to social studies content and visuals/graphics to show knowledge and understanding of national and global issues across content areas of United States and world history, geography, civics and government, and economics.

Intended Outcomes (cont.)

  • 03.0 Demonstrate the comprehension and application of scientific knowledge in the areas of life science, physical science, earth and space science, environmental science and health.

  • 04.0 Demonstrate and apply reading skills, using various literary selections and a range of writings including prose, fiction (pre-1920 to present), non-fiction, poetry, drama, graphics, history, science, business, workplace, and community documents.

Intended Outcomes (cont.)

  • 05.0 Demonstrate skills in mathematical calculation, problem analysis, application of concepts and problem solving.

  • 06.0 Demonstrate basic study, test taking and reference skills appropriate to the GED program

Intended outcomes (cont.)

  • 07.0 Demonstrate job acquisition and job retention skills.

  • 08.0 Demonstrate basic computer literacy skills.

    Note: Outcomes 06.0, 07.0 and 08.0 are optional and do not generate LCPs.

Lesson Plans

  • New sample Lesson Plans are available at the Florida Tech Net site -

  • The specific location is:

  • A lesson has been developed targeting each of the standards in the Pre-GED Curriculum Frameworks.

  • Lessons have been designed with the part-time instructor in mind.

LCP Generation

  • Students earn Pre-GED LCPs in Language Arts Writing, Reading & Mathematics by scoring at 9.0 or higher on TABE in the corresponding subject area.

  • Pre-GED Science & Social Studies students ONLY have two ways to earn LCPs.

Exit with Pre-GED LCPs

  • One for each of five subject areas

  • Completed Progress Report for Social Studies and Science backed up by a score of 410 on the appropriate Official Practice Test (possible to use TABE 9 & 10 SS/Sci)

  • TABE Score for Writing Skills, Reading and Mathematics (9.0+)

  • Suggest that programs use the Official GED Practice Test to decide who will take the Post- test TABE!

  • Exiting students will have a qualifying Official Practice Test Score along with the 9.0 on TABE.

Official GED Practice Test

  • Only instrument validated by the GED Testing Service to correlate with GED Test Scores.

  • A subject area score of 410 is used as a guide for when students are ready to attempt corresponding TABE sub-test.

  • Practice with essay writing should yield a holistic score of 2 or better before post-testing on TABE Language.

Curriculum Syllabus/Progress Report

  • Both provide a summary of Student Performance Standards.

  • Progress Report for Social Studies and Science can be used as documentation of student completion of the LCP.

  • Each provides instructors and students with a means to chart progress toward the goal.


  • Refer to Chapter 6 page 4 of the GED Administrator Manual for the chart on non-duplicative Pre-GED/ABE LCP Generation.

  • Chapter 6 Page 5 is an Example of a Progress Report

  • Progress Reports are used for LCPs in SS and Science and as a curriculum guide (Curriculum Syllabus) for all Pre-GED subject areas.

Course Organization

  • Possible use with lock-step as well as open entry or modified open entry (Managed Enrollment).

  • Optional schedule of topics on pages 7 & 8 of Chapter 6 of the manual.

  • Adherence to a schedule of topics is designed to promote attendance as class moves on (e.g. when you are out you miss something).

  • Administrator and Instructor Planning a key to Pre-GED program success.

Pre-GED Wrap-up

  • Alternative to a basic skills curriculum

  • Focused on GED Prep topics

  • Targets students with attainment of the GED as a goal.

  • Gives students practice with GED subject area content before entering a GED prep class.

  • Provides 2 LCPs not available with ABE.

  • Several agencies have used “managed enrollment” successfully with this program as opposed to an open entry model.

Contact Information

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  • Tony Lagos

    407 380 5985

    407 380 5985 (cell)

  • John C. Wigley

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