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Implementing Pre-GED Programs. A Guide for Administrators and Instructors 2005 - 2006. Purpose. To prepare adult students who function at the 6.0 – 8.9 level for success in the GED Preparation Program. Areas of Instruction. Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing9900121LCP A

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Implementing Pre-GED Programs

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Implementing pre ged programs l.jpg

Implementing Pre-GED Programs

A Guide for Administrators and Instructors

2005 - 2006

Purpose l.jpg


To prepare adult students who function at the 6.0 – 8.9 level for success in the GED Preparation Program.

Areas of instruction l.jpg

Areas of Instruction

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing9900121LCP A

  • Pre-GED Social Studies9900122LCP B

  • Pre-GED Science 9900123LCP C

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Reading9900124LCP D

  • Pre-GED Mathematics9900125LCP E

  • Pre-GED Comprehensive9900126LCP A,B,C,D,E

Student entry l.jpg

Student Entry

  • TABE score of 6.0 – 8.9 in the enrolled subject area

  • TABE Reading score above 6.0 will allow students to enroll in and earn LCPs in Pre-GED Reading, Social Studies and Science

  • Student may be enrolled in more then one program (ABE, Pre-GED, ABE) at the same time depending on test scores.

Enrollment options l.jpg

Enrollment Options

  • Example: Student with TABE Reading 6.8 TABE Mathematics 3.7,

    TABE Language 5.6

  • Enrollment: Pre-GED Reading, Social Studies and Science –

    ABE Mathematics and Language

Enrollment options6 l.jpg

Enrollment Options

  • Example: Student with TABE Mathematics score of 7.2, TABE Language Score of 6.1 and TABE Reading Score of 4.8

  • Enrollment: Pre-GED Language and Mathematics, and ABE Reading (Social Studies and Science will wait until a Reading qualifying 6.0 is achieved)

Instruction l.jpg


  • Several agencies suggest that Science and Social Studies be covered first!

  • Materials used from both Contemporary and Steck-Vaughn along with Pre-GED software.

  • Completion of SS & Science certified by Progress Report and Official GED Practice Test score of 410 in each subject (inc. Reading).

  • Post-test on TABE Reading

  • Most students pass all sub-tests easily!

  • Mathematics and Language Arts, Writing are administered when the student attains competencies and 410 on the Practice Test.

Lcps for science and social studies l.jpg

LCPs for Science and Social Studies

  • Student scores at or above 9.0 on TABE in the Science or Social Studies subtest of TABE 9 or 10.

  • The instructor completes the Progress Report (formerly checklist) attesting to attainment of the competencies.

Intended outcomes l.jpg

Intended Outcomes

  • 01.0 Demonstrate and apply language skills through writing and communicating ideas effectively.

  • 02.0 Demonstrate and apply reading skills to social studies content and visuals/graphics to show knowledge and understanding of national and global issues across content areas of United States and world history, geography, civics and government, and economics.

Intended outcomes cont l.jpg

Intended Outcomes (cont.)

  • 03.0 Demonstrate the comprehension and application of scientific knowledge in the areas of life science, physical science, earth and space science, environmental science and health.

  • 04.0 Demonstrate and apply reading skills, using various literary selections and a range of writings including prose, fiction (pre-1920 to present), non-fiction, poetry, drama, graphics, history, science, business, workplace, and community documents.

Intended outcomes cont11 l.jpg

Intended Outcomes (cont.)

  • 05.0 Demonstrate skills in mathematical calculation, problem analysis, application of concepts and problem solving.

  • 06.0 Demonstrate basic study, test taking and reference skills appropriate to the GED program

Intended outcomes cont12 l.jpg

Intended outcomes (cont.)

  • 07.0 Demonstrate job acquisition and job retention skills.

  • 08.0 Demonstrate basic computer literacy skills.

    Note: Outcomes 06.0, 07.0 and 08.0 are optional and do not generate LCPs.

Lesson plans l.jpg

Lesson Plans

  • New sample Lesson Plans are available at the Florida Tech Net site -

  • The specific location is:

  • A lesson has been developed targeting each of the standards in the Pre-GED Curriculum Frameworks.

  • Lessons have been designed with the part-time instructor in mind.

Lcp generation l.jpg

LCP Generation

  • Students earn Pre-GED LCPs in Language Arts Writing, Reading & Mathematics by scoring at 9.0 or higher on TABE in the corresponding subject area.

  • Pre-GED Science & Social Studies students ONLY have two ways to earn LCPs.

Exit with pre ged lcps l.jpg

Exit with Pre-GED LCPs

  • One for each of five subject areas

  • Completed Progress Report for Social Studies and Science backed up by a score of 410 on the appropriate Official Practice Test (possible to use TABE 9 & 10 SS/Sci)

  • TABE Score for Writing Skills, Reading and Mathematics (9.0+)

  • Suggest that programs use the Official GED Practice Test to decide who will take the Post- test TABE!

  • Exiting students will have a qualifying Official Practice Test Score along with the 9.0 on TABE.

Official ged practice test l.jpg

Official GED Practice Test

  • Only instrument validated by the GED Testing Service to correlate with GED Test Scores.

  • A subject area score of 410 is used as a guide for when students are ready to attempt corresponding TABE sub-test.

  • Practice with essay writing should yield a holistic score of 2 or better before post-testing on TABE Language.

Curriculum syllabus progress report l.jpg

Curriculum Syllabus/Progress Report

  • Both provide a summary of Student Performance Standards.

  • Progress Report for Social Studies and Science can be used as documentation of student completion of the LCP.

  • Each provides instructors and students with a means to chart progress toward the goal.

Cautions l.jpg


  • Refer to Chapter 6 page 4 of the GED Administrator Manual for the chart on non-duplicative Pre-GED/ABE LCP Generation.

  • Chapter 6 Page 5 is an Example of a Progress Report

  • Progress Reports are used for LCPs in SS and Science and as a curriculum guide (Curriculum Syllabus) for all Pre-GED subject areas.

Course organization l.jpg

Course Organization

  • Possible use with lock-step as well as open entry or modified open entry (Managed Enrollment).

  • Optional schedule of topics on pages 7 & 8 of Chapter 6 of the manual.

  • Adherence to a schedule of topics is designed to promote attendance as class moves on (e.g. when you are out you miss something).

  • Administrator and Instructor Planning a key to Pre-GED program success.

Pre ged wrap up l.jpg

Pre-GED Wrap-up

  • Alternative to a basic skills curriculum

  • Focused on GED Prep topics

  • Targets students with attainment of the GED as a goal.

  • Gives students practice with GED subject area content before entering a GED prep class.

  • Provides 2 LCPs not available with ABE.

  • Several agencies have used “managed enrollment” successfully with this program as opposed to an open entry model.

Contact information l.jpg

Contact Information

  • Questions??

  • Tony Lagos

    407 380 5985

    407 380 5985 (cell)

  • John C. Wigley

    321 633 1000 x375

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