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HTH Health Insurance For International Students on F-1 or J-1 Visas Insurance Requirements The purchase of the HTH health insurance coverage is mandatory for all UNCG international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa

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Hth health insurance l.jpg

HTH Health Insurance

For International Students on F-1 or J-1 Visas

Insurance requirements l.jpg
Insurance Requirements

  • The purchase of the HTH health insurance coverage is mandatory for all UNCG international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa

  • Exceptions: Students on a Fulbright or government sponsored program and students on exchange through ISEP

  • Do not confuse the HTH health insurance premium with the Student Health Fee (applied to all UNCG degree student accounts registered 9 hours or more)

Student health fee l.jpg
Student Health Fee

  • Gives you access to the services of the UNCG Student Health Center (SHC)

  • Graduate degree-seeking students registered for less than 9 hours will have to request the Student Health Fee

    • At the beginning of each semester

    • Request from the Cashier’s Office

    • Pay the student health fee at time of request

Health insurance charges l.jpg
Health Insurance Charges

  • Fall Semester Coverage: August 1 - December 31

  • Spring/Summer Semester Coverage: January 1- July 31


    • Registered full time (Exception: Degree student’s last semester)

    • Insurance premium is charged to UNCG student accounts twice a year in the fall & spring/summer

    • Fall semester insurance premium: $300

    • Spring & Summer semester insurance premium: $420

Uncg student insurance for citizens permanent residents l.jpg
UNCG Student Insurance for Citizens & Permanent Residents

  • Do not confuse HTH insurance with UNCG’s domestic student insurance provider (currently Pearce & Pearce, Inc.)

  • This insurance is only for domestic UNCG students who are either US citizens or permanent residents

Locations for health care l.jpg
Locations for Health Care

  • First Choice: Student Health Center (SHC) - for sickness or a minor injury

    • The HTH insurance policy waives the $100 co-pay for services provided by SHC

  • Second Choice: Urgent Care Centers - for sickness or a minor injury when SHC is closed

    • Use the internet/phone book for the nearest Urgent Care Center)

  • You must ask for your receipt!!!

Locations for health care7 l.jpg
Locations for Health Care

  • For life threatening emergency: Call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital

  • Student Health Center may refer you to off campus doctors or specialists

  • Please check HTH’s Preferred Provider list at off-campus doctors or specialists

Additional information l.jpg
Additional Information

  • You will not be penalized if you use a doctor or specialist not on the preferred provider list

  • Using doctors from the preferred provider list keeps your costs lower

  • There is no need to consult with the Student Health Center (SHC), if severe health risk is at stake

  • While traveling - go to the nearest emergency hospital

Health insurance coverage l.jpg
Health Insurance Coverage

  • HTH health insurance policy’s co-pay is $100 per sickness or injury (co-pay is waived for services provided only by the SHC

  • Covered expenses will be paid after the co-pay is satisfied

How does hth pay l.jpg
How Does HTH Pay?

  • Basic Medical Expense Benefit: HTH pays up to $10,000 Maximum: 100% of Reasonable Expenses after Co-pay

  • Supplemental Major Medical Expense Benefit (SMM): After Basic Medical Expense Benefit Maximum has been reached, 80% of Reasonable Expenses will be paid up to an additional 40,000 Maximum

How does hth pay11 l.jpg
How Does HTH Pay?

  • Catastrophic Major Medical Expense Benefit (CMM):After both Basic & Supplemental Benefit Maximums have been reached, 100% Reasonable Expenses up to an additional $100,000 Maximum will be paid

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Repatriation & Medical Evacuation

How does hth pay12 l.jpg
How Does HTH Pay?

  • Example 1: You have gone to the nearest hospital for an emergency and your final bill is $1,500

  • You must pay the co-pay: $100($1,500 - $100 = $1,400)

  • Insurance will pay the remaining $1,400 (100% X $1,400) up to the first $10,000

  • This is called the Basic Medical Expense Benefit

How does hth pay13 l.jpg
How Does HTH Pay?

  • Example 2: If you received a hospital bill for $12,000:

    • You would first pay the $100 co-pay ($12,000 - $100 = $11,900)

    • $11,900 - $10,000 (insurance pays100% up to the first $10,000) = $1,900

    • $1,900 X 80% = $1,520 ($1,900 - $1,520 = $380) Insurance pays 80% after $10,000

    • Your final total payment would be $480 ($100(co-pay) + $380 = $480)

Insurance card l.jpg
Insurance Card

  • Emailed to your UNCG email address listed in UNCGenie (please make sure you check your email)

  • UNCGenie is the university’s database and can be accessed from the website at

  • For any address/email address changes during your studies, please update UNCGenie immediately

Insurance card15 l.jpg
Insurance Card

  • Your insurance ID card provides you with a Certificate number

  • You will need this Certificate number to file a claim or to access HTH’s student website

  • HTH website:

  • Please register at this website upon receiving your HTH insurance card

Hth website www hthstudents com l.jpg
HTH Website:

  • HTH’s student website provides:

    • Claim forms

    • Local Doctors or hospitals

    • Status of a claim (EOB-evaluation of benefits)

    • Translation of Medical Terms

Filing a claim from shc l.jpg
Filing A Claim from SHC

  • You will need to request a receipt!

  • Complete claim forms (HTH website or from IPC)

  • Fill out the claim forms immediately (there is a separate claim form for prescriptions)

  • BE SURE TO CHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS PAY PROVIDER DIRECTLY – this will keep you from having to pay anything other than your co-pay

  • Attach a copy of the receipt(s) of payment to the claim form (please include your student ID number on the receipt)

Filing a claim from shc18 l.jpg
Filing A Claim from SHC

  • Put your Certificate number on the claim form

  • Please follow instructions carefully & do not forget to sign

  • Mail to the address given on the back of the claim form (top right on Prescription Claim Form)

  • Keep a copy of your claim form and keep receipts

  • Usually takes about 4-6 weeks to process your claim

Withdrawal or transferring l.jpg
Withdrawal or Transferring

  • Fall Semester – you must notify IPC by September 8th.

  • Spring Semester – you must notify IPC by January 29th.

  • Failure to notify IPC of your withdrawal or transfer by this deadline, may jeopardize any chances of reimbursement

Remember l.jpg

  • First: UsetheStudent Health Center (SHC)

    • Please remember to take a receipt.

  • Then: If SHC is closed and your condition is not life threatening – go to the nearest Urgent Care Center

  • If condition is life threatening:

    Call 911 orgo to the nearest Hospital!

Hth insurance card l.jpg
HTH Insurance Card


Ipc wishes each student l.jpg
IPC wishes each student:

A safe and healthy experience

at UNCG!!