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Graphics in the Curriculum Carol Siwinski - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graphics in the Curriculum Carol Siwinski Germantown Academy Curricular Technology Specialist [email protected] PET&C February 20 -22, 2005 Where Are We More Digital Cameras Then Film Cameras Sold This Year Educators More Comfortable With Using Digitial Cameras

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Graphics in the curriculum l.jpg

Graphics in the Curriculum

Carol Siwinski

Germantown Academy

Curricular Technology Specialist

[email protected]


February 20 -22, 2005

Where are we l.jpg
Where Are We

  • More Digital Cameras Then Film Cameras Sold This Year

  • Educators More Comfortable With Using Digitial Cameras

  • Can Use Images in Instructional Ways That Were Previously too Difficult

  • Can Now Address Instructional Objectives That Were Not Possible Before

  • Students Can Easily Access Primary Source Images

  • Now is the Time To Use Images in Innovative Ways

  • National Standards Support Technology Integration

  • Enhance Your Curriculum and Bring Excitement to Your Classroom With Graphic Integrative Projects

Type of graphics l.jpg
Type of Graphics

  • Computer Generated Original Art

  • Scanned Original Art

  • Graphics Downloaded from the Internet

  • Scanned Still Images

  • Digital Images from Digital Camera

  • Digital Video

Primary objectives l.jpg
Primary Objectives

  • To integrate technology appropriately to support effective instructional practices across the curriculum.

  • To provide the opportunity for students to develop skills which are essential to compete in tomorrow’s lifelong learning practices.

Identify graphic use in classroom l.jpg
Identify Graphic Use in Classroom

  • Create Interactive Digital Posters

  • Create Presentations: Slide, Web Based

  • Create Digital Movies

  • Create Digital Stories

  • Teaching Writing Skills, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

Core set of graphic tools l.jpg
Core Set of Graphic Tools

  • Integration Package

    • Microsoft Word

  • Presentation Software

    • PowerPoint, KidPixs,

  • Organizational Software

    • Kidspiration, Inspiration

  • Internet Production

    • Macromedia Dreamweaver,

  • Multimedia Production

    • iMovie, iPhoto, Macromedia Fireworks, Sound Studio, PhotoShop,

  • Scanner, Digital Still Camera, Digital Video Camera

  • Supply of photo paper, miniDVD tapes, CDs,VHS, DVDs

Key concepts for digital photography l.jpg
Key Concepts for Digital Photography

  • Select a Digital Camera

    • Read Reviews, Visit Stores

    • Digital Camera Resource

    • Steve’s Digi Cam

    • What Features Do You Need/Afford

    • Batteries - Avoid Traditional Alkaline Batteries

    • Chargers - Separate Charger vs Camera

    • Buy Highest Megapixels in Price Range

    • Buy the Largest Memory Card - 256 or more

    • More Megapixels the Smoother the Photo

    • All Photos for iMovie Need to be Minimum of 640 X 480

    • To Use Ken Burns Effect in iMovie &Use Maximum Megapixels

Examples of graphic integration l.jpg
Examples of Graphic Integration

  • Power Point - used in middle and upper grades

    • Incorporates Text, Pictures, Sound, Movies

    • Easy Learning Curve

    • Can be Converted into HTML for Web Presentation

      Historical Figure Contest

      Pointing Towards War

Examples of graphic integration9 l.jpg
Examples of Graphic Integration

  • Macromedia Fireworks

    • Present Information in Creative, Visual Format

    • Digital Images Allow Students to Visually Communicate Meaning

      • Create Photo Collages of Print Text

      • Open Minds - Photo Collages That Represent Character’s Thoughts

    • Brings Old Poster Assignment to the Digital Age

    • Has Application in Most Disciplines

      • The Industrial Revolution

      • WWI Technology And Strategies

      • Vive La Difference

      • Viajando con Nuevos Destinos

      • Odes Elementals

      • Poemas Creatives

      • Where in the World is Atlantis

Examples of graphic integration10 l.jpg
Examples of Graphic Integration

  • iMovie

    • Creative Medium

    • Introduction to Video Camcorder, Digital Camera

    • Storyboard, Write Script, Take Footage, Download, Edit Video and Sound, Create Titles, Add Voice Over, Transitions, Effects, Bring Back to Tape

    • Application in Almost Any Discipline

      • Rimas de Amor

      • Video Meets Literature


      • Les Publicités Françaises


Digital storytelling l.jpg
Digital Storytelling

  • Allows Writer to Convey Personal Narrative Through Images, Video and Voice-Over

  • Students Become Screenwriters, Artist, Designers, Directors as Well as Readers and Writers

  • Digital Images Can Help Early Readers Envision Text

    • Start with Text Students Supply Images

    • Helps Beginner Readers to Visualize Meaning

  • Digital Images Offer a Unique Bridge to Writing

    • Start with Images Students Create Text

  • Digital Images Allow Students to Visually Communicate Meaning

  • Either Start with Images or Story

  • Digital Storytelling Cookbook

Digital storytelling12 l.jpg
Digital Storytelling

  • Everyone Has a Story to Tell

  • In Early Grades Record the Steps to Project

  • In Language Arts Create Personal Narrative

  • Can Create Documentaries to Bring History to Life

  • Can Communicate the Scientific Process of an Experiment

  • Process: Acquire, Analyze, Create, Communicate

    • Create Text,

    • Acquire and Analyze Images

    • Storyboard: Sequence Images, Effects, Voice-Over, Transitions

    • Create and Construct - Import Photos, Create Titles, Record Narration, Add Transitions, Apply Effects, Add Music

    • Communicate Through Presenting

  • Emphasize Content Over Effects

Examples of digital storytelling l.jpg
Examples of Digital Storytelling

  • KidPixs for Early Grades

  • Digital Images Help Readers Envision Text

  • Early Writers Can Use Images to Help Create Text

  • Digital Images Make Reading and Writing More Accessible

  • Can be Exported as Quick Time for Web Presentation

    • Our Animal Friends

    • Happenings on the Playground

    • Dinosaurs Slide Shows

Examples of digital storytelling14 l.jpg
Examples of Digital Storytelling

  • iMove Digital StoryTelling

    • Combines Still Images, Short Video, Narrated Voice-Over to Bring Story to Life

    • Either Start with Images or Story Let Creative Flow

    • Allows Students to Visual Communicate Meaning

    • Can be: Personal Narrative, Creative Narration, Expository

      • Recontez une Histoire


      • Centos Digitales