Floating Power Plant  Projects 2010

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Floating Power Plant Projects 2010

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1. Floating Power Plant Projects 2010

4. We Offer Support Floating Power Plants according to the Pakistan Government Requirements Help to solve electricity shortage in short period Viable Solution for Pakistan Continous Power Supply Operation and Maintenance Service of FPP

5. Advantages of Floating Power Plants Constructed in shipyards under controlled conditions Short delivery time Fast supply of electro energy to areas with poor industrial infrastructure Operation possible on areas with poor logistic infrastructure

6. Advantages of Floating Power Plants Independent from soil quality Safe on earth quake and flooding areas Large site not needed Mobile

7. Advantages of Floating Power Plants The floating Diesel power station can be supplied with two cooling alternatives: sea water cooling or roof-mounted radiator equipment. Minimum operator‘s investment risk due to the mobility, versatility and adaptability of this type of plant.

8. Principal Diamensions

9. Design Considerations The design of an FPP marries the engineering protocols of the Marine and Power Generation Industries. It operates like a ship at sea only requiring fuel for it’s generating machinery. The FPP is not designed to sit in waters that are aggravated by waves however, that make it move like a vessel at sea, but rather they are designed for service in protected inland waters such as rivers, lagoons, or ports.

10. Open Ocean Generation While floating power plants are generally designed for installation in protected waters, solutions to offshore problems have given rise to the idea of open ocean installations. Design of such units is quite different for these facilities since consideration has to be given to vessel motions, deep sea mooring systems, subsea fuel supplies and survival in storm conditions. The generation of high voltage DC electricity and it’s subsea transmission is also considered for offshore FPP installations.

11. Constructability One of the biggest advantages of the power barge is it’s constructability; the whole power plant can be constructed under ideal conditions at a Shipyard in a location far from the eventual operational site. Much of the system testing is achieved prior to the barge leaving the shipyard. This feature is particularly important for installation of barges in locations where Greenfield construction may be difficult and expensive.

12. Fuels The economics of fuels for any power plant, on land or floating, in any part of the world is a matter of availability and cost. Options are often limited in many countries and thus one has to use Available fuels irrespective of cost.

13. Project Implementation Floating power projects require sound planning and engineering just like any power generation project. Location, site conditions, environmental issues, mooring systems, transmission voltage, cooling systems, permitting, fuel supply andstorage, etc are all considered in formulating the design basis and eventual project implementation.

14. Transportation One of the more significant differences of a floating power plant to a land based plant is it’s transportability; being capable of moving the unit from One location to another. This is achieved with the use of submersible heavy lift ships, designed to move very large structures around the world Weighing upwards of 60,000 tons. A power barge can be moved from one location to another in a matter of weeks and connected to the grid to alleviate local shortages.

15. Barge Operations FPP operations are carried out very much the same as land based facilities, with the plant being dispatched in accordance with grid demand. Irrespective of the generating technology installed, the FFP is fitted with an onboard control room complete with data acquisition and all machinery and equipment controls. Switchgear, motor controllers, main breakers and station and step up transformers are all installed on the barge.

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27. REFERENCES Inspection and evaluation of 200 MW power plant at Saudi Arabia Inspection and evaluation of 4 x Power Barges in Manila Phillipines Project Management of 110 MW Floating Power Barge at Singapore Project Management of 120 MW Floating Power Ship in Turkey Project Management of 160 MW Floating Power Ship in Turkey Project Management of 200 MW Floating Power Ship in Turkey

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