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Instructions. Create an art history timeline slide show.Due Friday (that is about 1.5 hours away)Delete

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Exciting title

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1. Exciting title Created by: ????

2. Instructions Create an art history timeline slide show. Due Friday (that is about 1.5 hours away) Delete “instruction” slideswhen done with assignment Save slide in you Z:folder. When done go to my computer, click on your name, and see if it is there. It is up to you not to loose your work!

3. Instructions continued 10-20 slides required Each time period must include Title of period Image (label with date, artist, title) 4 bullet points about time period Famous artist(s) of that time An famous invention of that time Writing, wheel, car, airplane, telephone, TV, etc.

4. Instructions continued Use this website to find information about the time period: Art History websites http://www.artmovements.co.uk/home.htm#CHRONOLOGICAL http://www.arthistory.net/artstyles/artstyles1.html Greatest inventions websites http://www.edinformatics.com/inventions_inventors/ http://www.ideafinder.com/history/timeline.htm World events and inventions http://ehistory.osu.edu/world/timeline.cfm

5. Pick at least 5 eras from below Ancient 15000 BC Classical 400 BC-200 AD Byzantine 350 -450 AD Medieval 400-500 AD Gothic 1100-1400 Renaissance 1400’s Baroque 1600’s Rococo 1700’s Neoclassical 1750-1880 Impressionism 1867-1886 Fauvism 1905-1908 Expressionism 1905-1925 Cubism 1908-1914 Surrealism 1920-1930 Abstract Expressionism 1940-1960 Pop Art 1950-1960

6. Ancient 15,000BC That is over 17,000 years ago! Cool fact about time period Another cool fact about time period Yet another fact about time period And lastly, another cool fact Famous artists of this time were: Since the art era happened over 17,000 years ago we don’t know artists names. However we do know that thousands of peasants worked on the large sphinx and pyramids

7. Renaissance 1400’s & 1500’s

8. Renaissance 1400’s & 1500’s Cool fact about time period. Slkjflsjdflj lksjf slkj slskjf lkdjf lskfj lkjf jll fljkdjfdl sdflk Another cool fact about time period. Lksjfdl slkjf lskfj slsdjf lkdjf lskjs flskjf lsjlf Yet another fact about time period. Lkshjfdl sljf skd ufljf lskjf lskdjf sksdjf lkjf lskf lskjflksj flskdf lskjf lskf jls flsk flksjfljf lsjf. And lastly, another cool fact. Lsj lkjksdf lsj flskjf lsk jflkf jlsksj flskjflsksdj flskjf lkjflkjflkjsdflksj dfd

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