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Dental Charting - Presentation

Form to record information on. . Symbols serve as shorthand for communication. . Hard tissue charting. Blue = Restoration Red = Pathology. Amalgam Restoration. Indicate all surfaces with filling in blue. Amalgam. . Composite/Sealant. All resin restorations use symbol for compositeIndicate surface restorted.

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Dental Charting

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Presentation Transcript

Dental charting

Dental Charting

  • Document clinical findings

  • Baseline for future treatment

  • Assist in patient education

  • Aide in treatment planning

Form to record information on

Form to record information on

Symbols serve as shorthand for communication

Symbols serve as shorthand for communication

Hard tissue charting

Hard tissue charting

Blue = Restoration

Red = Pathology

Amalgam restoration

Amalgam Restoration

Indicate all surfaces with filling in blue



Composite sealant


  • All resin restorations use symbol for composite

  • Indicate surface restorted



Temporary restorations

Temporary Restorations

  • Can be a variety of materials (resin, acrylic, amalgam, eugenol base)

  • Purpose is interim - healing(deep decay), procedure in progress, etc.

Temporary restorations1

Temporary Restorations

Castings crown and bridge

Castings/Crown and Bridge

  • Gold

  • Porcelain

  • Porcelain fused to metal




Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Has both porcelain and metal symbols

Fixed partial dentures

Fixed Partial Dentures

  • Symbol of material used

  • Connect teeth with line



All decay from incipient to gross caries will be indicated in red at location/surface of tooth



Incipient caries

Incipient Caries

Recurrent caries defective restoration

Recurrent Caries/Defective Restoration

Tooth symbols

Tooth Symbols

Broken tooth

Broken Tooth

Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Periodontal charting

Periodontal Charting

  • Entries in red

  • Identify tooth and soft tissue defects

Malposed tooth

Malposed Tooth

Open contact

Open Contact

Furcation involvement

Furcation Involvement



Gingival recession

Gingival Recession

Papillary hyperplasia

Papillary Hyperplasia

Loss of papilla

Loss of Papilla

Gingival cleft

Gingival Cleft