Adolescent Health Data Collection:
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Adolescent Health Data Collection: Integrating Surveys, Using Multiple Data Sources and Developing New Partnerships Western Epidemiology Conference May 30-31, 2002 Robert J. Nystrom, BS,MA Adolescent Health Manager Title V State Adolescent Health Coordinator Why Data??? Needs Assessment

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Adolescent Health Data Collection: Integrating Surveys, Using Multiple Data Sources and Developing New Partnerships

Western Epidemiology Conference

May 30-31, 2002

Robert J. Nystrom, BS,MA

Adolescent Health Manager

Title V State Adolescent Health Coordinator

Why data l.jpg
Why Data???

  • Needs Assessment

    • What are the unmet needs or emergent health concerns?

  • Descriptive

    • What is the health status/behaviors of youth?

  • Public Education

    • What do youth, parents, policymakers and the public need to be informed about?

  • Monitor Trends

    • Are health status or indicators for youth getting better or worse over time?

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Why Data???

  • Program Planning

    • What programs, resources or policies need to be developed to respond to identified issues?

  • Evaluation

    • Are our programs and policies making an impact?

  • Research

    • What really works and can we improve our knowledge level of an issue?

Partnerships a short list l.jpg
Partnerships – a short list

  • State Department of Human Services

  • State Department of Education

  • Oregon Research Institute, Institutes of Higher Education

  • Federal and National Private Funding Partners

  • State Commission on Children and Families

  • Local Education Agencies

  • Local Health Departments

  • State and Local Health Care Advocates

  • Hospitals and Health Care Providers

Adolescent data sources l.jpg
Adolescent Data Sources

  • Vital statistics

    • Birth, death, injury, disease

  • Other Surveillance Systems

    • Suicide attempts, hospital discharge, law enforcement

  • School surveys

    • YRBS, Assets, Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs, School Policy

  • SBHC clinical encounter systems

    • Diagnosis, utilization, quality assurance, patient satisfaction

Adolescent suicide attempts registry l.jpg
Adolescent Suicide Attempts Registry

  • Emergency room personnel are required to report attempts by law

  • Limited to children and youth ages 0-17 years of age

  • Does not include attempts that do not result in a visit to an emergency room


  • Hospital Discharge Index (inpatient and psychiatric hospitals)

    • Attempts that do not result in hospitalization are not included

Adolescent suicide attempts registry7 l.jpg
Adolescent Suicide Attempts Registry

  • Demographics

  • Method(s)

  • Mental health history

  • Previous attempts

  • Precipitating events and risk factors

  • Disclose plan

  • Referral

Oregon healthy teens survey l.jpg
Oregon Healthy Teens Survey

  • Replaces a number of statewide or targeted surveys:

    • CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey

    • State Public School Drug Use Survey

    • State Tobacco Use Survey

    • Protective factor or assets questions

      • Individual, peer, sibling, parental, school community

Oregon healthy teens survey9 l.jpg
Oregon Healthy Teens Survey

  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use

  • Sexual behavior and knowledge

  • Diet and exercise

  • Harassment and victimization

  • Violence and other injury-related behaviors

  • Involvement in pro-social activities

  • Environmental risk and protective factors

School health policy programs survey l.jpg
School Health Policy & Programs Survey

  • CDC School Health Education Profile Survey (SHPPS)

    • Principal Questionnaire

    • Lead Health Educator Questionnaire

  • Oregon Supplemental Questions (SHPPS)

    • Principal

    • Lead Health Educator

  • Oregon New Modules (SHPPS)

    • Health Services

    • Mental Health Services

    • Nutrition Services

    • Physical Education

Sbhc clinical encounter system l.jpg
SBHC Clinical Encounter System

  • Defined set of clinical encounter variables are collected for all clients and visits to a state certified SBHCs integrated into a single database

    • State supported data collection system

      • Clinical Fusion/School Healthcare ONLINE

    • Other clinical management information system that provides required variables in an exportable file

Sbhc clinical encounter system12 l.jpg
SBHC Clinical Encounter System

  • Patient Demographics

    • Date of birth, gender, race, grade, insurance status

  • Visit Information

    • Date of visit, location, provider type, provider

  • Service Information

    • CPT codes, Diagnosis codes, time, risk factor

Sbhc patient satisfaction survey l.jpg

Health status

Center environment


Prevention messages


Care rating


Appointment type

Other care / access

Classes missed


Special topic


Asthma plan

SBHC Patient Satisfaction Survey

Example translating data into practice l.jpg

Use SBHC Patient Satisfaction Survey

Special Topic – Asthma

Partner with Oregon Asthma Program

Partner with MCHB Graduate Student Internship Program

Explore survey data, clinician interviews, chart reviews

Examine asthma diagnosis and treatment in SBHC setting

Develop an asthma management checklist to assist providers

Example:Translating data into practice