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Tuttnauer EZ10 and EZ9 Automatic Autoclaves - Details - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tuttnauer\'s EZ10 and EZ9 sterilizers are automatic, bench top machines. They are run at the push of a button. They come with preset, stored cycles. You can also program your own cycles for different sterilization needs.\n\nI am Jared, a Surgical Tech - turned - webmaster. This presentation is part of my project at: \n\nThese two table top autoclaves have the same features and look, they only differ in size. The EZ10 is slightly larger.\nFeel free to share this Tuttnauer EZ10 and EZ9 presentation on social media, email the link, download it, you know the deal!

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The Tuttnauer EZ10 and

EZ9 Sterilizers Compared

Presented by:

EZ9 and EZ10 Similar Features

An automatic steam sterilizer. When you push a button, it will fill the

chamber with steam under pressure, sterilize your instruments for the

programmed time, exhaust the chamber, and dry the contents.

Closed door active drying system limits contamination after the wraps

and packs are sterile.

This autoclave comes with three preset sterilization cycles: wrapped

instrument packs, unwrapped instruments, and a drying cycle.

Bright blue display is easy to see.

Ability to change and store parameters on programmed cycles.

Cycle interruption alert is visual and audio.

Constant monitor of temperature and pressure during sterilization.

EZ9 and EZ10 Features (Continued)

501k clearance for sterilizing dental hand pieces.

Replaceable HEPA filter.

Low water sensor blocks sterilization cycle when water is low in the

reservoir. This could otherwise damage the autoclave.

Power outage recovery system.

Water drain valve is in front for easy filling and cleaning.

Optional internal printer will document date, time, pressure, and temp.

2 year warranty on parts and labor. (Double check this when you buy!)

When the chamber is pressurized, a double locking mechanism keeps the

door shut.

Differences Between the EZ9, EZ10 and EZ10k

Features are identical, but sizes, speeds, and electrical requirements are different.



Overall Size

Ship Wt.


Unwrapped Time



9” x 18”


95 lbs.


Cold: 27 min. Hot: 13 min.



10” x 19”


95 lbs.


Cold: 30 min. Hot: 14 min.







Cold: 21 min. Hot: 11 min.


Digging into the EZ Family of Sterilizers

EZ10K - “Kwiklave”, heats up quicker, runs a cycle faster, needs

220-235 volts. May require transformer in your office.

EZ10P - comes with internal printer. Optional feature.

EZ9 Plus and EZ11 Plus - New models. Many different features. I’ll

cover it in another article and presentation!

“The above link is my full profile of the EZ9 and EZ10

Tuttnauer machines. As I dig deeper into my research of

sterilizers, I’m finding your main concerns and questions.

Many of you are looking for parts and troubleshooting

info fast, like yesterday! You can do me a favor by

checking it out and sharing it around. Thanks!

-Jared Broker,