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1. Culinary Hill Tour YOUR HOST JOE DEGREGORIO [email protected] 314-602-3359

2. The Typical Culinary Tour Our tour starts with a greeting and taste sample from one of the Hill’s famous bakeries Next is a home made Ravioli making demonstration at a one-of-a-kind store, Mama Toscano’s, now going into their fourth generation We then go down the block to Mama Campisi’s for a detailed Italian Chicken Dish preparation demo

3. While at Mama’s Campisi’s Chef Richard will show you how their signature dish, Chicken Spedini, is prepared the Old World way. Group participation is encouraged. What follows is a home made Toasted Ravioli cooking demo We then enjoy a lunch consisting of Toasted Ravioli appetizer, Chicken Spedini on a bed of Linguini, a side salad, Italian bread with Olive oil dipping sauce and a beverage Our next stop is Vitalie’s Sicilian Bakery for a cookie or miniature canolli sample and a sneak peek at their baking operations

4. Our next stop is DiGregorio’s Italian Market where we will witness a home made sausage making demo complete with sausage, cheese and wine samplings. Mangia! Mangia! For a non-food diversion we’ll go to Herberia, a very different home made all natural herb-infused soap factory and outlet. 42 varieties Next on our adventure is a brief stop at the world famous Volpi’s Salami Factory outlet for a bite of Genoa salami and tasty Proscuito We finish with a stop at Missouri Baking Company coveted for their delicious pastries La Dolce! Finally a pick up of any purchases at Ma Toscano’s and then go home for a well deserved nap!

5. So, what does the Tour Guide Do? Joe will provide an all day running dialogue about the very different and sometimes unique recipes of the Northern and Southern Italian Hill natives and how Toasted Ravioli began Want to know some of the Italian specialties of the neighborhood’s 18 “ristorante’s” and deli’s? Joe’s going to let you know the favorite dining habitats of local and national celebrities He will show you several local recipe books with plenty of handouts to dole out

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