How to make a wooden bastard sword
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How to make a wooden bastard sword - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get to know how to make an wooden bastard sword at our home.You can also use these steps to make any other sword for cosplay or medieval events.**

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How to make a wooden bastard sword

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How to make a Wooden Bastard Sword

Step 1

  • Draw a bastard sword on paper. More likely draw the outline of the bastard sword which you want to make.

  • Use stencil for straight lines and use a length of butcher paper or buy oversized sheets of crafts paper from craft store.

Step 2

  • Cut and copy the stencil

  • Cut the sword stencil out of the paper and then put it on the wood which you plan to use.

  • Now mark the sword onto the wood and then copy the hilt of the stencil twice more.

  • The hilt will thicker then the blade, so cut three pieces of the hilt and glue them together.

Step 3

  • Cut your wood- Use jigsaw and cut three pieces of wood which you have outlined- two of hilt and one of complete sword.

  • The cut show be little wider rather than a little narrow: wide can be sanded down, but narrow can’t be fixed easily.

Step 4

  • Glue the pieces- In this step take a strong epoxy wood and make a strong mixture of glue.

  • Spread it evenly on one side of each hilt and glue them firmly to the center piece.

Step 5

  • Sand your sword- Start from the hilt and take a fine girtsandpaper to make the edges smooth.

  • Once the hilt is even, use your sandpaper to bevel each side of the blade.

Step 6

  • Check your hilt and make final adjustment :

  • Check to be sure your sword hilt isn’t too thick to hold easily. If it is make use sandpaper to make it more fine.

  • Sand down uneven parts until you will get the fine sword.

Step 7

  • Begin with the painting of the sword.

  • Use duck tapes or leather to cover the handgrip portion of the sword.

  • You can also make a scabbard with hard paper and paint it with appropriate color.

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