Fire safety at your apartment complex
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In Residential Communities, proper fire safety mechanism and equipments are extremely important to prevent loss of life and damage to property. In an apartment complex, as residential units are built very close to each other, risk associated with fire is also very high.\n\nCheck the link here for more info:\n

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Fire safety basics

Fire Safety Basics

Broadly there are 2 methods adopted in the industry to prevent, control and extinguish Fire.

They are

Active Systems

Passive Systems

Active systems
Active Systems

1. Fire Detection System:

Fire generates smoke, heat and flame which are detected by Sensors or Detectors.

2. Fire Fighting Systems:

They use a variety of media to extinguish the fire which is determined by the type and nature of combustible material .

Things to keep in mind
Things to keep in Mind:

  • Make sure all fire systems are installed in the Apartment Complex

  • Maintain central repository to keep track of the Fire equipment AMC documents

    • ADDA Asset Tracker can help in this regard

  • Conduct Joint inspections with society members, apartment manager and association members

  • Be aware of the guidelines of National Building Code for Fire Drills and evacuation procedures.


  • Get your property and valuables insured

  • Be aware of emergency contacts around your apartment complex.

  • Add all your family members to ADDA.

    • This will ensure they receive important notifications sent during any emergencies

  • Install and Maintain Proper Fire Detection Systems in your Apartment Complex

  • Make sure that a clear Building Evacuation Plan is in place and the residents are aware of it

  • Maintain Fire Fighting devices in each floor and lobby

  • Have regular Fire Safety Sessions and Fire Drills

Fire related emergency
Fire Related Emergency


  • Urgently call Fire Department and Ambulance

  • Alert all your family members

  • Do not use lift

  • Evacuate through the nearest exit

  • Stay low to the ground esp. your head to reduce inhalation exposure


  • Don’t panic or run

  • Do not use the fire extinguisher if you are not sure what caused the fire.

End check here for more info visit adda blog
ENDCheck here for more info : Visit ADDA Blog