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Quiz Questions. What are the categories of DSM sexual disorders? Sexual dysfunciton Paraphilia Gender identity disoder a and b 2. Which is NOT in the DSM? Gender identity disorder Pedophilia Homosexuality Frotteurism. More Quiz Questions.

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Quiz questions l.jpg
Quiz Questions

  • What are the categories of DSM sexual disorders?

    • Sexual dysfunciton

    • Paraphilia

    • Gender identity disoder

    • a and b

      2. Which is NOT in the DSM?

    • Gender identity disorder

    • Pedophilia

    • Homosexuality

    • Frotteurism

More quiz questions l.jpg
More Quiz Questions

3. Which is characterized by rubbing against a nonconsenting person?

a. exhibitionism

b. voyeurism

c. sexual masochism

d. frotteurism

4. What is male orgasmic disorder?

  • ejaculation w/ minimal sexual contact

  • delayed or absent orgasm

  • either a or b

Last quiz questions l.jpg
Last Quiz Questions

  • Which involves being humiliated, beaten, bound, etc.?

    • exhibitionism

    • frotteurism

    • masochism

    • voyeurism

Paraphilias l.jpg

  • Recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving nonhumans, suffering of self or partner, children. (For some these are necessary for erotic arousal & always inc. in sexual activity; for other these occur episodically.)

Types of paraphilias l.jpg
Types of Paraphilias

  • Exhibitionism - exposing genitals to (unsuspecting) stranger(s), most common sex crime in U.S., rare outside, involves shock & risk, often distant from victim, needs to display masculinity w/o having to perform

Other paraphilias l.jpg
Other Paraphilias

  • Voyeurism - illegal, secretive nature is arousing, most don’t ever commit more serious sex crimes (but Bundy did)

  • Fetishism - involving (nonliving) objects, depression, anxiety, loneliness

More types of paraphilias l.jpg
More Types of Paraphilias

  • Sexual sadism - involves psychological or physical suffering

  • Sexual masochism - involves act (real, not simulated) of being humiliated, beaten, bound, otherwise made to suffer

More on paraphilias l.jpg
More on Paraphilias

  • Transvestic fetishism - cross-dressing for sexual arousal in heterosexual male (for over 6 mo.)

  • Frotteurism - rubbing against nonconsenter

Pedophilia l.jpg

  • Molestation of prepubescent child, most heavily punished paraphilia

  • Most conflicted re sexuality vs. religion

  • Feel guilty, doomed

  • Lack confidence, uneasy in social & sexual situations w/ adults

Etiology of paraphilias l.jpg
Etiology of Paraphilias

  • Over 90% committed by males

  • Classical conditioning - pairing of stimulus w/ sexual arousal

  • Social learning - hx of inappropriate sexual & aggressive experiences, poor social skills, hostility toward women

Tx of paraphilias l.jpg
Tx of Paraphilias

  • Most research done on sex offenders (atypical group)

  • Cognitive-behavioral tx predominates

  • Aversion tx - harmless shock

  • Empathy training - inc. role reversal

  • Desensitization & social skills trg. - unlearn anxiety & approach more appropriate partners ( in appropriate manner)

Gender identity disorder l.jpg
Gender Identity Disorder

  • Strong, persistent identification w/ other sex

  • Persistent discomfort w/ sex, inappropriateness in gender role

  • R/O physical intersex condition

  • As child

    • Cross dressing

    • Cross sex roles

    • Played w/ other sex

    • Insisting is other sex

Sexual response cycle l.jpg
Sexual Response Cycle

  • Desire - inc. fantasies

  • Excitement - subjective pleasure, physiological changes

  • Orgasm - peaking of pleasure, ejaculation or vaginal wall contractions

  • Resolution - differs for sexes, refractory period

  • Sexual Dysfunctions at any of first 3

Sexual desire disorders l.jpg
Sexual Desire Disorders

  • Most common sexual dysfunction, may be on rise, others may be secondary (Kaplan)

  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - little or no interest in sex (for age, etc.)

  • Sexual Aversion Disorder - disgust, fear, revulsion to one of all aspects of sex, often result of sexual abuse, assault

Sexual arousal disorders l.jpg
Sexual Arousal Disorders

  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder - persistent, recurrent inability to attain or maintain lubrication-swelling responsee

  • Male Erectile Disorder (impotence) - recurrent inability to attain or maintain erection til end of activity, may be secondary to alcohol, diabetes, distinguish from occasional problem in gaining or sustaining erection

Orgasmic disorders l.jpg
Orgasmic Disorders

  • Female Orgasmic Disorder - no orgasm when stimulation adequate, 1 in 4 have difficulty reaching orgasm

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Retarded Ejaculation - usually no orgasm w/ partner, only masturbation

Sexual pain disorders l.jpg
Sexual Pain Disorders

  • Dyspareunia - genital pain upon intercourse, rare in men, can be from vaginal dryness, antihistamines, injury or irritation

  • Vaginismus - involuntary contraction of muscles of outer third of vagina (5-17% of women)

Sexual dysfunction tx masters johnson l.jpg
Sexual Dysfunction Tx (Masters & Johnson)

  • Sensate focus is tx of choice for impaired excitement in females, erectile dysfunction in males

    • Pleasuring

    • Genital stimulation

    • Nondemand intercourse (no pressure for orgasm)

  • Female orgasmic disorder treated w/ masturbation homework

  • Squeeze technique for premature ejaculation