NAFRA Gathering 2004

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Minister General Encarnacion greets National Spiritual Assistant Lester Bach, OFM Cap. ... Visibility: use media, plan talks and retreats open to public, put out brochures, hold ...

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NAFRA Gathering 2004

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:NAFRA Gathering 2004

Meet Minister General Budget/Fair Share Up Formation Is Focus Surveying Fraternities Offering Action Plans Other Findings & Moments National Minister Carol Gentile and Vice Minister John Sanborn

Minister General Encarnacion del Pozo, OFS, and General Spiritual Assistant Michael Higgins, TOR, visited the National Fraternity during its gathering Oct. 19-23, 2004, near Detroit, MI. Encarnacion brought warmth, humor and a strong fraternal bond for U.S. Secular Franciscans. Minister General Encarnacion Lives in Spain with husband and 91-year-old mother. 58 years old Insurance agent Attended fraternity meetings as child with her father. Minister General Encarnacion greets National Spiritual Assistant Lester Bach, OFM Cap., and Regional Minister Bill Heinz. NAFRA Public Relatios Co-Chair Mary Stronach acted as her translator.

Slide 5:Encarnacion emphasizes fraternal life

“Guard and value life in fraternity.” “It is where our vocation is lived.” “We’re called to live the Gospel in fraternal communion… Offer it to church as gift of service.”

Slide 6:NAFRA Budget & Fair Share

NAFRA leaders & regional ministers pass $194,000 budget for 2005 based on conservative estimate of 16,000 professed SFOs. approve Fair Share increase of $3. NAFRA Treasurer Dennis Ross, SFO

Slide 7:NAFRA Focuses on Formation

‘Fair Share’ a formation issue. ‘On the Road’ traveling workshop. ‘Pick More Daisies,’ on-going formation. Spiritual Assistants. Newly Professed. Encarnacion with Nat’l Formation Co-Chairs Teresa Baker, left, and Anne Mulqueen.

Slide 8:Formation: Fair Share

Encarnacion: It’s fraternal to help other fraternities. Fr. Michael: You belong to an Order… to a larger group.

Slide 9:Formation: ‘On the Road’

Weekend workshops 4 per year in different areas of country Train and bolster formation directors Regions in close proximity jointly sponsor. Formation Co-Chair Anne Mulqueen

Slide 10:Formation: On-Going

Formation Commission and Fr. Lester Bach, OFM Cap., (right) unveil his latest on-going formation book, “Pick More Daisies.”

Slide 11:Formation: Lack of Spiritual Assistants

‘Life Giving Union’ Training Course. Seek Qualified Seculars. Fr. Lester: “It’s a good thing. They’re not second-class…” Encarnacion: “It’s our responsibility.” Fr. Lester Bach, OFM Cap.

Slide 12:Formation: Guidelines for Newly Professed

Regions encouraged to conduct 4 regional formation gatherings each year to bolster on-going formation for the newly professed. May be done in conjunction with other activities.

Slide 13:Demographic Survey

Holy See Wants SFO to Conduct Survey Understand Order’s Makeup & Needs Regions to Survey Local Fraternities Gender, Age Range, Income & Education Levels, etc. International Councilor Juan Lezcano and Minister General Encarnacion emphasized the importance of the demographic survey.

Slide 14:Geographic Breakouts Regions Cluster to Tackle Issues

Slide 15:Geographic Breakouts: Issues, Concerns

Distance between fraternities, regions Insufficient finances Youth involvement Aging membership Spiritual assistants Insufficient visibility Unwillingness to serve

Slide 16:Geographic Breakouts: Action Items

Host ‘On-the-Road’ Promote ‘Life Giving Union’ Course Identify Selves as SFO Conduct Joint Professions Create fundraisers (involve youth) Increase Visibility: use media, plan talks and retreats open to public, put out brochures, hold info nights, create SFO booth.

Slide 17:Geographic Breakouts: Sudan Statement

Northeast drafts a statement on the genocide and need for aid in Sudan. National Council approves. Anglican Franciscans join in statement. Barbara Lee Baumgarten, TSSF, represented the Anglican’s Third Order, Society of St. Francis.

Press Release CATHOLIC AND ANGLICAN SECULAR FRANCISCANS CALL FOR INTERVENTION AND AID FOR THE SUDAN Nov. 21, 2004 – Secular Franciscan orders in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal/Anglican communions issued a statement today calling for immediate intervention in the Sudan and international mobilization of humanitarian aid. "Together with those suffering in the Sudan, we cry for an end to genocide, war, oppression, famine and forced exile," the statement said. "We call on the international community to intervene directly to relieve the suffering of our sisters and brothers of the Sudan." The statement came out of a recent U.S. gathering of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) held near Detroit, MI. The meeting included a representative of the Anglican's Third Order of the Society of St. Francis (TSSF), Province of the Americas, which subsequently voted to join in the statement…

Slide 19:Other Visitation Findings

U.S. has strong, well-organized fraternity. Grateful for fraternal love shown by U.S. Praised Commissions. Urged SFOs to collaborate with other church groups, and to give to youth freely. Encarnacion models t-shirt unveiled by National Youth Commission.

Slide 20:Got God? We do! Franciscan Youth

The Youth Commission’s Kathy Taormina and Dale Anesi unveiled “Got God” t-shirts.

Slide 21:‘Day Away’ Included Visit to Capuchins’ Solanus Casey Center

Slide 22:Foyer of Solanus Casey Center

Slide 23:Praying at Casket of Bl. Solanus Casey, Capuchin

Slide 24:Minister General greets SFO choir at Solanus Casey Center

Slide 25:Franciscan Joy

Slide 26:Franciscan Joy

Slide 27:Beginning and Ending with Fraternal Love

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