DUTCH TRIG Preventative treatment of American elms against Dutch elm disease

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Presentation setup:. Dutch Elm DiseaseHistory and GoalsCharacteristics How does Dutch Trig
DUTCH TRIG Preventative treatment of American elms again...

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1. DUTCH TRIG? Preventative treatment of American elms against Dutch elm disease

2. Presentation setup: Dutch Elm Disease History and Goals Characteristics How does Dutch Trig? work The injection Research and results

3. The problem: Dutch elm disease Himalayan origin (not Dutch..) Fungal infection, Ophiostoma novo-ulmi Vascular wilt Infection from: Elm bark beetles Root grafts

4. History Dutch Trig? 1980: Biological control using bacteria 1989: Discovery of Verticillium protective effect 1991: Development of the Tree injection tool 1992: Full registration in Europe 1995: Introduction USA 1998: Experimental Use Permit 2005: Fully EPA Registered

5. The goal Prevent elms from dying Reduce amount of chemicals used Treat large numbers

6. Basic requirements Biological Control Specialized application tool

7. The vaccine Verticillium spores in distilled water Common soil organism White variant of Verticillium albo-atrum Produced in the Netherlands

8. How it works (short version) Inject Dutch Trig Spores germinate Tree reacts Result: Induced resistance

9. Where does the vaccine go?

10. When is Dutch Trig? effective On healthy elms in areas where DED prevails Injected on a yearly basis, on time application

11. Why inject Use as little control agent as possible Closed injection system Use Bio-agent directly on targeted tree only Ensure direct uptake by tree Minimal wounding Speed of application

12. When and where to inject When: At 25% leaf expansion (May 1-10th) When tree is transpiring Before beetle infection occurs Where: At convenient breast height Every 4 inches circumference

13. How to inject Check for DED signs (on tree and in the area) Push chisel through the bark Pull the trigger once Twist the gun slightly sideways

15. Efficacy study U. of Wisconsin Controlled Greenhouse Study Using ?Ramets? 4 treatment groups: Water (control) Dutch Trig Dutch elm disease Dutch Trig + Dutch elm disease 17 different clones 2 strains of DED 10 ramets per group

16. Tracking DED infection response

17. Overall Results

18. Effect is Resistance dependant

19. The Hague

20. Denver

22. Ulmus americana U. procera U. hollandica U. carpinifolia U. pumila Malus spp. Castanea spp. Prunus serrata Aesculus hippocastanum Viburnum spp. Sorbus aucuparia Magnolia spp. Betula papyrifera Acer saccharum Quercus rubra Crataegus monogyna Acer macrophyllum Cornus nuttallii Prunus lusitanica Rhododendron spp. Fagus spp. Dutch Trig?s Pathogenicity

23. DED Control with Dutch Trig: + reduce losses (+/- 1%) + yearly check of elm by arborist + affordable + biological, non toxic + fast, safe, easy + active +/- yearly treatment - not effective against root graft infections not curative cooled transport

24. Dutch Trig? A safe and easy to use biological tool to assist in protecting urban elm populations

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