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Anglo - Chinese School (Primary) PRIMARY 4A. Today. Teachers Admin matters Subjects Expectations Programmes. Admin Matters. Diary tool of communication homework information target setting. Admin Matters. School diary Absence medical certificate / letter drop an email or a message

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Admin matters




Admin matters

Admin Matters


tool of communication

homework information

target setting

Admin matters1

Admin Matters

School diary


medical certificate / letter

drop an email or a message

collection of homework

Leave earlier

fetch from General Office






English format

English (format)

Paper 1

30 ( 15 marks for Content and 15 marks for Language)

Paper 2 85 (Language Development )

Oral 20 ( Reading Aloud and

Picture Discussion)

Listening 15 ( Note taking, Dictation)

Total 150

English file

English file

1 red ring file with 5 dividers

Writing ( Composition)


Language ( Grammar Cloze, SPG )

Others ( OM, IT, News Education )

Tests/Revision practice papers

/Examination Papers



Spelling & Dictation

Exercise book


On ACS foolscap paper

Language experience

My Pals are here ( Course & Homework


Listening Comprehension Test book

English Tests book

Synthesis & Transformation book

( Form Teacher to collect $5.80 from each pupil )

For 4 class blog

For 4 Class blog

  • >every student needs to create a gmail account in order to log in to class blog


  • Create an email using this format eg.

  • [email protected][email protected]

Class blog:


  • Once this email is created, this email is to be given to the form teacher.

Mathematics format

Mathematics (format)

Part 1


10 mcq

Part 2 40%

20 short-answer

Part 2 40%

10 open-ended

Total 100%



Shaping Math

Course & Activity book

Topical worksheets

Problem Solving & Process Skills booklets

Mental sums

Exercise book

Mathematics file

Mathematics file

1 blue ring file with 5 dividers

Topical worksheets

Problem sum & process skills


Revision/Examinations Papers


Science format

Science (format)

Part 1 60%

30 MCQ

Part 2 40%

14 Open-ended

Total 100%

Examination results will be included

in overall computation of marks

Science resources

Science Resources

My Pals Are Here

Course & Activity book

Process Skills worksheets

PSLE Revision Guide Book

Topical Notes and Worksheets to be uploaded onto AsknLearn portal after each topic.

P4 overall grade
P4 Overall Grade

  • SA1 - 30%

  • SA2 – 60%

  • Practical Assessment -10%

  • Total 100%




Science file

Science file

1 green ring file with 4 dividers

Process Skills


Revision/Examinations Papers


Mother tongue teachers
Mother Tongue teachers

Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

Mother tongue format

Mother Tongue (format)

Paper 1 15%

Paper 2 50%

Oral 25%

Listening 10%

Total 100%

Chinese file

Chinese file

1 yellow plastic file

Comprehension Worksheets

Cloze passage Worksheets

Fill in the blanks (FIB) Worksheets

Tests / Revision / Examinations Papers




Dictionary/electronic dictionary (labelled with Full Name & brought to school everyday if possible)

Dictionary must be given to MT teacher for the approval stamp.

Composition & composition examination

Besta All Pass-1 Computerized Dictionary


MOE or school website


Malay Language Teacher Cikgu Sri Dewi


[email protected]

Required Books

Malay Mekar Textbook (BukuTeks)

Malay Mekar Activity (BukuAktiviti)

6 Exercise Books:

3 Exercise Book books (80A) for Jurnal, Ejaan and Bahasa

2 Exercise Books (60A) for KeratanAkhbar & ERP



Worksheets are done based on topics and units.

Parents’ signature is needed after the completion of each

unit and topic to ensure there is Parent and Teacher


Pupils need to place these worksheets in the big

3’inch yellow file.

Parents’ help is needed to ensure that worksheets

are placed in the big yellow file according to the

titles of the dividers.

Filing of Malay worksheets

  • 3 inch yellow ring file with 10 dividers:

    1.Kertas latihan berdasarkan unit

    2. Kertas Bahasa Tambahan

    3. Kefahaman

    4. Kefahaman Mendengar

    5. Karangan

    6. Ujian

    7. Peperiksaan

    8. Nota

    9. IT

    10. Bahan-bahan Tambahan


  • Weekly Oral


  • Booklet for Oral

  • Include tips on


  • Include tips on

  • conversational



Buddy Reading Programme- Malay

  • Our Theme, ‘Membaca Bersama Teman’

  • The contents of this booklet are interesting

  • Pupils are encouraged to identify their favourite characters, draw their favourite scenes and many more…

  • Pupils will be able to get the collar pins

    if they read the stipulate number of books.

Malay Language Programmes/

Outdoor learning Activities 2010

Desaru (14 March 2011)

To organize a trip to Hortpark (First Week of June Holiday)

ML Day Camp (Last Week of June Holiday)

Trip to Pertapis (September holiday)

These are the tentative dates and more details

will be made known closer to the date of the


Communication with parents
Communication With Parents

  • Via E-mail

  • sri_dewi_mohamed_hashim

  • Pupil’s Diary

  • I welcome any suggestions and help from parents.


Tamil Language Teacher MrsKunalan


[email protected]


P4 TL Teacher : Mrs Kunalan

  • Forms of Communication:

    • Via School Handbook

    • Email:

    • Call School Number 62501633at Extension 222


Appointment to meet the teacher

should anything that is of concern arises through email or call through the general office

To ensure reply slips from circulars such as remedial/enrichment classes, excursions/trips, etc. to be


Acknowledged with/without letter of excuse

Returned the following day**

Child on Medical Leave

  • Homework

    • Subject teachers will compile the

  • homework to be given to child

  • when he returns

    • If the child is on medical leave for more

  • than 3 days, arrangement can be made

  • with the form teacher if a parent wants

  • to collect the homework from the office

Tamil Filing

  • 3-inch yellow file with ‘Mother Tongue’ written on cover

  • A set of dividers for Tamil File. Teacher will label students’ dividers for uniformity

  • Files would be kept in school and returned at the end of each semester

    • Parents are to look through their child’s work

Required Tamil Books

  • P4A/B Tamil Osai Textbook

  • P4A/B Tamil Osai Workbook

  • Tamil Osai Stories 1-4

  • 4 A5 Exercise Books (Spelling, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction and Journal/Reflection Booklet)

  • 1 A4 Exercise Book (Composition)

  • CME Book

  • MOE Recommended Tamil- Tamil Dictionary: Kriyaa, Puthiya Thamil

Exam format for Tamil

Topical Tests

Topical test 1 and topical test 2 would be 50 marks each. They would be tested on Grammar only

Exam Format for SA1 & 2 will be as follows:

Oral (Reading- 10, Pict Convern-15) - 25 Marks

Listening Comprehension - 10 Marks

Composition - 20 Marks

Language Paper - 45 Marks

Total 100 Marks



Remedial (T1W8)

Odyssey of the Mind (P4 spontaneous problem)

Outdoor lessons (internal / external)

Calculator workshop

Learning Journey (Watching James and the Giant Peach play)

Science recess activity

P4 iPhone trail

PET rocket ( Science Activity)



P4 Activity Day (MT Department-Term 3)

China Cultural Exchange in P5

As a form of incentive, boys who show significant improvement in CL from SA1 to SA2 will be invited. Subsidy will be provided.

Buddy Reading (Malay)

(every Wednesday, 7.00-7.30am)

Extensive Reading Programme

(Majalah BIJAK)



National Heritage Tours

Chinatown & Raffles Town Plan

IPW (inter-disciplinary project work)

Sony Creative Toys

CIP (Community Involvement Programme)

Yong En Heritage Trek

English Learning Journey

Watch a drama performance at the Esplanade

PE - NAPFA test (1st Attempt)

Tamil –Art of speaking and Buddy Reading

Important school event

Important school event

Dialogue session with the Principal

Class excursion – Parent Volunteers

Thanks for Coming!

Thank You !