Sports drinks consumption volume and growth forecast to 2021 east europe
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Sports drinks consumption volume and growth forecast to 2021 east europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sports Drinks Consumption (Volume and Growth) Forecast to 2021-East Europe, report is a comprehensive report, covering Sports Drinks consumption in East Europe market. The quantitative data in the report provides historic and forecast Sports Drinks consumption data by country in Volume (M Liters).\n\nThe report considers, Sports Drinks as a performance-enhancing product, described as \'isotonic\', \'hypertonic\' or \'hypotonic\', meaning \'in balance with\', \'lighter than\' and \'heavier than\' body fluids, respectively. Products contain key electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, as well as glucose syrup, maltodextrin, sweeteners and acidity regulators. Products may contain B complex group vitamins as well as vitamin E and vitamin C; which are still or carbonated, ready to drink (rtd) products, non-ready to drink (non-rtd) powders and concentrates.

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Sports drinks consumption volume and growth forecast to 2021 east europe


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From the figure, it is clear that the health and wellness trend in Eastern Europe is growing fast.

This trend is further supported by the economic outlook of Eastern Europe, which shows stable and solid growth overall.

In recent months economic conditions have started to improve with GDP picking up and consumer average incomes again on the rise, all aiding the increase in nectar consumption. 

New product development is also an important driver which has led to more exciting growth prospects for sports/energy drinks sectors.

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  • Consumers’ heightened awareness of artificial flavors and colorings has been growing.

  • Over half (53%) of German consumers say that they would like to see a wider variety of energy drinks made with natural flavours and colourings, while four in 10 (41%) say they are willing to pay more for varieties containing only natural energy boosters.

  • In other European markets the situation is similar, with 54% of Italian and Spanish consumers and 61% of Polish consumers agreeing that they would like to see more energy drinks with natural ingredients.

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  • Large untapped market still to be penetrated.

  • Consumer demand for more regional variants of energy rinks is high.

  • Innovation in terms of packaging and retailing

  • Uncertain economic conditions in the EU.

  • The new regulations that require products to have limited sugar content.



  • From juices and other more organic products such as birch water and birch juice.

  • The ‘sugar wars’ started by activists who claim energy drinks are not healthy as the manufacturers claim.

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Scope of the report
Scope of the Report exercising

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