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JOBS: Assessments/Job Profiling Defines workforce needs PowerPoint PPT Presentation

JOBS-WorkKeys. There are Nine (9) Assessment Skill Areas: - Applied Mathematics ... JOBS: Recruitment. Job Fairs. Targeted sectors. Post-secondary institutions ...

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JOBS: Assessments/Job Profiling Defines workforce needs

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Jobs assessments job profiling l.jpg

JOBS: Assessments/Job Profiling

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  • Defines workforce needs

  • Quantifies minimum skill levels that meet those needs

  • Assesses incumbent workers’ skill levels, and establishes disparities to determine training needs

  • Assesses job applicants’ skills prior to hiring, reducing turnover

…in the workplace

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  • The four (4) high schools in South Bend assess all freshmen to create educational career paths and reassess them their junior year to measure progress.

  • KY Dept. for Adult Ed certifies their graduates are ready for 50% or 85% of the jobs in the workforce based upon information obtained from job profiles.

…in education

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  • Economic developers in Wichita provided independent evidence of their workforce’s readiness by comparing a representative sample to requirements of potential employers.

  • Database of pre-screened job seekers provides a pool of qualified potential workers for companies seeking to fill positions

…in economic development

Workkeys profile process l.jpg

WorkKeys- Profile Process

  • A walk through

  • Collect data on the job titles being profiled

  • Identify the task list

  • Profiling session with SME’s (subject matter experts)

  • Feedback

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Job Profiling




Job analysis: procedure establishes skill standards required to be successful in the job.


Reading for Information


Applied Mathematics

Applied Technology

  • Required skill levels for the job are identified

Workkeys assessment process l.jpg

WorkKeys- Assessment Process

  • The skills to be assessed are identified

  • Applicants are scheduled

  • Test: approximately 3 hours for 3 assessments

  • Reports are issued

  • WorkKeys (A.C.T.) certifies the skill level of individual

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Standardized, workplace

related assessments. Scores reflect the highest skill level mastered by the examinee.





Reading for Information


Applied Mathematics

Applied Technology

  • Individual’s skill levels are determined

Slide9 l.jpg


Areas of Need


Comprehensive data

interpreting skill levels

and providing remedial

guidance to improve

individual scores.







Reading for Information


Applied Mathematics

Applied Technology

Comparison shows where additional training is needed

Workkeys benefits l.jpg

WorkKeys- Benefits

  • Improved employee selection and advancement procedures

  • Reduced overtime

  • Reduced turnover

  • Increased productivity

  • Fewer legal challenges over hiring processes

  • Higher employee morale

Jobs placement l.jpg


  • WorkOne Centers

  • WorkKeys Assessments

Dwd business services l.jpg

Business Services

DWD Business Services

Jenee Lusk

Business Relations Specialist

Business and Information Development Unit

Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Overview l.jpg


  • Advance Indiana Training Grants

  • Jobs Opportunities/Business Services (JOBS)

Advance indiana highlights l.jpg

Advance Indiana:Highlights

  • Training Grants previously under Skills 2016

  • Restructured to coincide with goals of Energize Indiana

    • Advanced Manufacturing, IT, 21st Century Logistics, Life Sciences

  • 200K max

  • 1-2 year term

Advance indiana eligible companies l.jpg

Advance Indiana: Eligible Companies

  • Hoosier employers-high skill/wage/demand

  • Four (4) targeted industry sectors

  • Good standing with all state agencies

    • I.e.: IDEM, DNR, DOR, DWD, AG

Advance indiana eligible training activities l.jpg

Advance Indiana:Eligible Training Activities

  • Must result in portable, transferable skill credential

    • Industry/nationally recognized

    • Associate/Bachelor Degree

    • Certificate of Technical Achievement (CTA)

    • Apprenticeships

  • Wage gains

Advance indiana ineligible training activities l.jpg

Advance Indiana:Ineligible Training Activities

  • Quality

  • Safety

  • Government mandated

Advance indiana financial assistance l.jpg

Advance Indiana: Financial Assistance

  • $200,000 max

  • Required equal in-kind or cash match

  • Grant covers tuition, books, instructor fees

  • Administration charges allowed if applicant is acting on behalf of alliance of employers

Advance indiana applications l.jpg

Advance Indiana: Applications

  • Application process assisted by DWD staff

  • Must be received no later than first business day of each month

  • Reviewed monthly

  • Allow 75 days before anticipated start date for training

Job opportunities business services jobs l.jpg

Job Opportunities/Business Services (JOBS)

  • Recruitment

  • Assessment/Job Profiling

  • Placement

Jobs recruitment l.jpg

JOBS: Recruitment

  • Job Fairs

    • Targeted sectors

    • Post-secondary institutions

  • Advertisement for job fairs & hard to fill positions

    • Radio

    • Newspaper

  • Login