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2. Learning Objectives. The Corps' major water supply authoritiesThe major components of a water supply agreementWhere is the majority of the Corps's M

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The Corps of Engineers Water Supply Program

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1. 1 The Corps of Engineers Water Supply Program

2. 2 Learning Objectives The Corps’ major water supply authorities The major components of a water supply agreement Where is the majority of the Corps’s M&I water supply storage space What is PART

3. 3 2006 PA’s - WATER SUPPLY PROJECTS Barbara Blumeris New England 3 Randy Campbell Huntington 7 Maria Chin Mobile 3 Martin Gonzalez Jacksonville 1 Clarke Hemphill Alaska 0 Alicia Kirchner Sacramento 1 Vechere’ Lampely Nashville 4 Joan Lanier New Orleans 0 Dana Needham Little Rock 12 Jason Needham HEC 0 Shawneen O'Neill Tulsa 27 Jeremy Weber Portland 1

4. 4

5. 5 Water Supply in a Multipurpose Project

6. 6 ELIGIBLE USERS Brown County Water District: residential water needs City of Springfield: watering municipal golf course BMF Power, Inc.: cooling new coal-burning plant

7. 7 WATER SUPPLY Guidance ER 1105-2-100 PGN Paragraph 3-8 Appendix E, Section VIII* EP 1165-2-1 Policy Digest Chapter 18 IWR Report 96-PS-4 Water Supply Handbook* * Included in the read ahead material

8. 8 WATER SUPPLY Primary Authorities Section 6 of the Flood Control Act of 1944 (surplus water) Section 8 of the Flood Control Act of 1944 (irrigation water) The Water Supply Act of 1958 (storage space)

9. 9

10. 10

11. 11 WATER SUPPLY Primary Authorities

12. 12 WATER SUPPLY Repayment of Storage Costs Old Projects (pre-WRDA 86) - Non-Federal sponsor pays 100% of costs - 30-year repayment, 1st 10-years interest free New Projects (post WRDA 86) - Non-Federal sponsor pays 100% of costs - Repaid during period of construction All “Plumbing” Facilities: conveyance, treatment, and distribution facilities are non-Federal No single purpose water supply reservoirs - at least 20 % of benefits from FDR, Nav, Env - Single purpose modifications to existing projects, O.K.

13. 13 WATER SUPPLY Secondary Authorities PL 75-208, 1937 1952 Independent Offices Appropriation Act (31 U.S.C. 9701) PL 88-140, 1963 Section 22 of WRDA 74 (PL 93-251) Sec. 82 of WRDA 74 and 1974 Disaster Relief Act Section 931 of WRDA 1986 (PL99-662) Section 322 of WRDA 90 (PL 101-640) Non-traditional Authorizations (WRDA 86 – WRDA 00)

14. 14 WATER SUPPLY Secondary Authorities PL 75-208, 1937: Sec Army can receive contributed funds for adding water supply to flood control reservoir projects. 1952 Independent Offices Appropriation Act: Charge for the things of value (cost to the Gov’t. + value to the recipient). PL 88-140, 1963: Non-Federal sponsor has right to permanent use of storage for the physical life of the project. Sec. 22 of WRDA 74: Provide planning assistance to states, including the preparation of comprehensive plans for water resources development and conservation.

15. 15

16. 16

17. 17 WATER SUPPLY Reallocation Considered when a permanent change is desired. Made from flood control pool - No effect on flood protection, downstream floodplain uses have been modified or excess flood control storage built into reservoir Made from Conservation pool – Authorized purpose no longer needed or water supply need more valuable

18. 18 WATER SUPPLY Reallocation Cost – based on the higher of Updated costs of storage (usually governs) Revenues foregone Benefits foregone Replacement Costs Cost Repayment 30-years WRDA 86 interest rate User gets a permanent right to storage

19. 19 WATER SUPPLY Reallocation Report Requirements Purpose of report Background, project data and map Water supply needs analysis Test of financial feasibility Cost of storage analysis Analysis of alternatives to meeting water supply needs Appropriate NEPA documentation Recommendation of the district engineer Public participation and public interest review documentation

20. 20 Model Agreements & Processing Provisions of Model Agreements For storage agreements there is now one agreement with options. Being changed to three agreements: original, reallocated, new projects. Approvals Processing

21. 21 Provisions WHEREAS clauses -- describes background/authority Storage Space -- assigned space and its limitations Right to Use Water -- responsibility of the user Measurements -- User responsible for measuring devices Payments -- construction, annual O&M, repair& rehab Permanent Rights -- upon completion of payment and continued payment of O&M Transfers/Assignments -- need approval of Sec Army

22. 22 Approvals Originally Authorized Delegated to HQUSACE (if following model agreement & policies) HQUSACE may further delegate to Division / District Commanders Reallocations/Modifications 1958 WSA allows if no serious affects Permitted for M&I water supply only Policy limits to 50,000 AF or 15% of total usable storage, whichever is less Actual approval varies

23. 23 Approval of Agreements for Reallocated Storage Draft

24. 24 Approval of Agreements for Reallocated Storage Final

25. 25 Processing at HQ Send documents (10 copies in draft form to HQ-MSC/RIT ) - model contract/agreement with red line changes - list of deviations with explanation for changes - clean copies revised model MSC-RIT will “manage” review and processing Team assigned from CECW-PC, CECC-G, CERE-A, CECW-E, CECW-O as necessary

26. 26 Processing of Drafts If significant revisions needed, documents returned to Div/Dist with comments and resubmittal If no or minimal changes, HQ will send to ASA with recommendations, or return to field to finalize as appropriate Target Time – 30 Days

27. 27 Processing of Finals (4 Copies Ready for Signature/Approval) Most delegated to district or division Those that require ASA approval, will be sent after district/sponsor sign Those requiring HQ approval, will be sent to DCW after district/sponsor sign Ensure Review Record is included in packages

28. 28 Post Processing Furnish “copy” of signed/approved to HQ-MSC-RIT (includes those approved at district/division level)

29. 29 2005 Database Overview Storage Space Storage Not Under Contract Reallocations Local Sponsors People Served Storage Costs Studies Underway (2004) Revenues Received versus Costs of Collection (2004) Irrigation (2004)

30. 30

31. 31 M&I Storage Space by Division

32. 32 Geographic Distribution of M&I WS Storage Space by % 9. 7% 1. 5% 3. 8% 5. 7% 6. 0% 71. 0% 2. 3% 0%

33. 33 M&I Storage Space by Category

34. 34 Change in Storage Categories 1996-2005 (1,000AF)

35. 35 M&I Storage Space Not Under Contract

36. 36 M&I Reallocations

37. 37 History of Agreements Signed as a Result of Reallocations

38. 38 % of M&I Storage Space by Type of Non-Federal Sponsor

39. 39 People Served

40. 40 M&I Storage Cost by Division

41. 41 WS Studies Underway (2004)

42. 42 Irrigation Storage (2004)

43. 43 Location of M&I and Irrigation Projects

44. 44 Location of M&I and Irrigation Projects

45. 45 MAP - DATA

46. 46 OMBIL We have just initiated an effort to get water supply into the Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link. This will enable us to have a water supply database that is updated on an annual basis.

47. 47 Corps of Engineers Business Program Managers Navigation: Mark Pointon & Angie Premo (acting) Flood & Coastal Storm Damage Reduction: Harry Kitch Environmental: Rennie Sherman Regulatory: Mark Sudol Hydropower: Kamau Sadiki Recreation: Judith Rice Emergency Response: Leonard Kotkiewicz Water Supply: Ted Hillyer

48. 48 MSC Water Supply Business Program Managers William Sutyak – NAD Terry Stratton - SAD Tab Brown – LRD Kevin Curran – MVD Jim Fredericks – NWD Adrienne Carter – SWD Ahsan Syed – SPD Helen Stupplebeen - POD

49. 49 Water Supply Business Program

50. 50 Water Supply Business Program Measurement of Performance Measures Acre-feet of storage under contract versus acre-feet available in 2005 9.8 million available 9.4 million under contract present and future 96 % success rating (vs. 92% in 1996) % of costs covered by revenues returned to Treasury in 2005 All costs collected are returned to Treasury $1.46 billion total investment cost $1.10 billion has been or is being repaid 75 % success rating (vs. 53 % in 1996)

51. 51 Water Supply Business Program

52. 52 Water Supply Business Program Measurement of Ranking Criteria 2004 Data Annual Collections: $26.8 million P&I: 16.8 million OMRR&R: $10.0 million Annual Collection Costs: $1.3 million B/C : 20/1

53. 53 Water Supply Work Category Codes Established in FY 07 OPERATIONS FOR WATER SUPPLY FUNCTIONS 60810 Operation for water supply 60811 Operation of project gates, specific water supply conduits, permanent operation equipment, etc. for water supply 60812 Water supply agreements 60820 Studies and surveys for water supply MAINTENANCE FOR WATER SUPPLY FUNCTIONS 61810 Maintenance of project gates, specific water supply conduits, permanent operation equipment, etc. for water supply

54. 54 WS 07 Budget (000) Recommended P Budget OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE Operations / Collections / Administration: $2,097 $2,097 O&M Surveys and Studies: Alabama- Coosa, AL 180 180 Texas Water Assessment, TX 100 100 Cougar water temperature facility 0 148 TOTAL O&M $2,377 $2,525 GENERAL INVESTIGATION Chatfield, Cherry & Bear Creek Reservoirs, CO $166 0 Middle Brazos, TX 550 0 Levisa Regional Reallocation Study, VA & KY 200 0 TOTAL GI $916 $ 0 REMAINING ITEMS Portfolio Assessment for Reallocations 300 300 TOTAL WATER SUPPLY $3,593 $2,825 ROUNDED $4M $3M

55. 55 Portfolio Assessment for Storage Reallocation 300K in FY 07 to initiate an appraisal of projects to identify the best candidates for opportunities for operational changes and/or reallocation. Where opportunities are identified, specific studies will be proposed. Goal – to insure existing reservoirs contribute to enhance economic and ecosystems values as water demands evolve.

56. 56

57. 57 PART This year for the first time, water supply has become a part of OMB’s Program Assessment Rating System. PART was developed to assess and improve program performance results. The review helps identify a program’s strengths and weaknesses to inform funding and management decisions aimed at making the program more effective. PART includes a consistent series of analytical questions that allows programs to show improvements over time, and allows comparisons between similar programs.

58. 58 PART Other Corps Programs in PART Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Coastal Ports and Harbors Emergency Management Environmental Stewardship Hydropower Recreation Management Regulatory Program Flood Damage Reduction Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program Inland Waterways Navigation

59. 59 PART A series of 25 questions in four sections Answer yes, no or not applicable Provide an explanation and evidence to support your answer WS had two performance measures with targets Increase the % of storage space under contract versus the acre-feet available Increase the % of costs covered by revenues returned to the Treasury Both of these measures were outcome measures and both were both long term and short term measures

60. 60 PART Initial Assessment Rating Program Purpose & Design 100% Strategic Planning 88% Program Management 84% Program Results/Accountability 58% A work in progress with a lot of give and take with OMB before final in Sept. 06

61. 61 Water Supply Assistance Steve Cone – CECW-PC: 202/761-5451 Chief HQ reviewer of WS contracts and reallocation reports for policy implications John Micik – CECW-PC: 202/761-8643 Pat Mutschler – CECW-PC: 202/761-4589 Peter Shaw – CESWD-PDS-P: 469/487-7038 Technical POC for the Water Management & Reallocation Center of Expertise Ted Hillyer – CEIWR-GR: 703/815-1510 HQ WS Business Program Manager

62. 62

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