student oriented software for application of geometry in 3d modeling
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Student-Oriented Software for Application of Geometry in 3D Modeling

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student-oriented software for application of geometry in 3d modeling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MASSEE 2003, Borovetz, Bulgaria. Student-Oriented Software for Application of Geometry in 3D Modeling. Pavel Boytchev, Elica Team, Bulgaria [email protected] Student-Oriented Software. About Elica Basic 3D objects and transformations Turtle graphics and 3D Challenges Examples. About Elica.

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student oriented software
Student-Oriented Software...
  • About Elica
  • Basic 3D objects and transformations
  • Turtle graphics and 3D
  • Challenges
  • Examples

About Elica

about elica
About Elica

Elica features

  • based on Elica Logo
  • tiny core but highly flexible
  • 3D in real time
  • it\'s free

Some numbers

  • 300 registered users, 3000 downloads worldwide,30000 Elica home page views
  • Won the Logo Cartoon Contest at Eurologo 2003

3D objects

basic 3d objects
Basic 3D Objects





3D transformations

basic 3d transformations
Basic 3D Transformations
  • Transformations
    • Translation
    • Scaling
    • Rotation
  • Parameters
    • vector “center” for position
    • vector “radius” for size
    • vector “focus” for orientation
    • scalar “spin” for spinning



Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Advantages
    • Geometrical description of objects
    • Consistency of definitions
    • Absolute positioning and orientation
    • Easy to construct and animate fixed-joint objects
  • Disadvantages
    • Moderate problems with positions
    • Serious problems with orientations
    • Hard to construct flexible-joint objects
    • Not appropriate for young students




Pawn’s structure

- 2 spheres

- 2 hemispheres

- 1 cone

Turtle graphics

turtle graphics
Turtle Graphics

Traditional turtle

triangular shape

2D drawings

Space turtle

3D shape

3D drawings

Merging techniques

turtle graphics and 3d
Turtle Graphics and 3D

Space turtle

1 vector for position

3 vectors for orientation

Flexible body

local transformation

matrix at every joint

Is it possible to mergeboth techniques?



3D charactercreated andanimated in real time

Object cloning

object cloning
Object Cloning
  • Turtle vectors build a transformation matrix
  • Matrix applied to any simple or compound object
  • Turtle controls position and orientation

Houses cloned by

a 3D spherical turtle

3D characters


3D Characters

  • At each joint the turtle
    • clones its coordinate system
    • defines attached fixed-joint objects
  • Cloned systems generate
    • local transformation matrices
  • Transformation matrices
    • control position and orientation of attached fixed-joint objects
    • they are automatically multiplied to generate overall transformation

A man and a robot


advantages disadvantages
Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Advantages
    • Flexible-joint objects
    • Easy to construct and animate complex models
    • It’s fun and can be used with 5-8 graders
  • Disadvantages
    • Needs up-to-date hardware
    • It\'s hard to use in local schools
  • However
    • 3D graphics course with local math school
    • Classes arranged in Game Clubs !!!


  • Elica on the internet
  • Steps towards using Elica in classrooms
  • Focus on educational models




  • “Chess Games” ..........................
  • “Urbanizing Turtle Land”.........
  • “Androids” ................................

The end