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Safety Stand Down – Together We Will Make the Difference

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Safety Stand Down - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safety Stand Down – Together We Will Make the Difference. Safety Stand Down. Introduction Working together in a cooperative and collaborative manner will improve work place health and safety in the oil and gas industry Together, we will make the difference in reducing injuries and illness

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safety stand down
Safety Stand Down


  • Working together in a cooperative and collaborative manner will improve work place health and safety in the oil and gas industry
  • Together, we will make the difference in reducing injuries and illness
  • Together, we will make the difference in controlling the risks and hazards that we face every day
safety stand down3
Safety Stand Down

Why Our Industry

  • Since 1990 there has been a significant increase in the use of contractors
  • Over the past 10 years a large number of experienced workers, supervisors, managers and contractors have retired
  • A shift in responsibility and risk from the operating companies to the contractor population
  • An increase in the understanding of the legal obligations has forced all parties to change their approach to working in a contract environment
safety stand down4
Safety Stand Down

What can we do to ensure we are working together to make a difference?

  • Plan for Safety
  • Prepare
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Stop work to manage change
  • Joint Evaluation
  • Continuous Improvement
safety stand down5
Safety Stand Down

Plan for Safety

  • Describe the work to be complete – ensure all parties understand the work to be done
  • Allow contractors to obtain a full understanding of the work required
  • Specify H&S Requirements before the work begins
  • Cooperative identify the risks
  • All parties need to have input into the work schedule
safety stand down6
Safety Stand Down


  • Select the employees and contracts that have the necessary experience, qualifications and capability to undertake the activities in question safely
  • Document and communicate purpose and responsibilities
  • Clarify expectations and set all people and parties up for success
safety stand down7
Safety Stand Down

Two Way Communication

  • Provide all stakeholders with the most current information so that they may choose wisely to take on the work or decline
  • Hold pre-job meetings to answer questions and determine how risks and hazards will be controlled
  • Encourage and reward pro-active efforts to prevent injury or illness – for example audits, training, or inspections
safety stand down8
Safety Stand Down

Stop Work to Manage Change

  • There is a strong correlation between incidents and changes on the worksite
  • Hold on site meeting before the work begins and on an ongoing basis at the start of the various stages of the work being performed.
  • Have a plan to manage change and implement it – when work place parties know they can stop unsafe work the and have a plan and process to deal with the issue they are more productive
safety stand down9
Safety Stand Down

Joint Evaluation

  • Evaluate the workplace with a 3600 perspective
  • Accept the assistance of qualified contractors to identify opportunities for improvement and increased safety
  • Improve worksite safety through a sharing of the actions to take to reduce injury or illness
safety stand down10
Safety Stand Down

Continuous Improvement

  • Hold a post job meeting to discuss all aspects of the work or project
  • Instill a process to learn and improve the system to prevent injury and illness
  • Use learning to improve the training, competence and qualifications of your organization, personnel and contractors
safety stand down11
Safety Stand Down


  • Cooperation and collaboration are the key to improving workplace health and safety performance
  • Communication and control of risks and hazards is most effective when all workplace parties conduct those action together
  • Working together to comply with legal obligations and meet workplace agreements will make the difference in injury and illness prevention