Nimby syndrome
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NIMBY SYNDROME. Legitimate Local Community Concerns and Issues. Local Stakeholder. NIMBY. Local Issues not Resolved. Development Proposals will be controversial. Poor Investment Climate. Local Issues Resolved. Development Proposals will avoid Controversy. Improved Investment Climate.

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Local Issues not Resolved

Development Proposals will be controversial

Poor Investment Climate

Local Issues Resolved

Development Proposals will avoid Controversy

Improved Investment Climate

1. Developers

2. Provincial Government

3. Renewable Energy Industry Proponents

Developers seven recommendations


1 investigate the target development area
1. Investigate the “target” development area

  • land use patterns

  • consistency with proposed development

  • varied land use leads to complexity

  • split communities

  • what level/degree of development will be supported?

2 design the project in a fashion compatible with local land use patterns
2. Design the project in a fashion compatible with local land use patterns

  • Adjust the project to fit the community

    • size

    • density

    • height

3. There must be a “fit” between (i) what a community will support, and (ii) the developer’s business plan and objectives.

4. If there is real potential for both community support of a project and your business plan and objectives, involve the community immediately…BEFORE you acquire an interest in the lands by purchase or lease.

5 information





5. Information

  • Inaccurate

  • Imbalanced

    Mistrust, Skepticism

6 consultative process

Emphasis on Adherence to Process


6. Consultative Process

  • Emphasis on Substantive Consultation


7 public government relations strategy

Consistent with community attitudes


7.Public/Government Relations Strategy

Inconsistent with community attitudes


Provincial government five recommendations


1 local control

1.Local Control

2 suggested template zoning standards

2. Suggested“Template”Zoning Standards

3 true public consultative process

3.True Public Consultative Process

4 identification of restricted prohibited areas

4.Identification of Restricted/Prohibited Areas

5 crown land use policy

5.Crown Land Use Policy

1 best practices guidelines

1.Best Practices Guidelines

2 avoid rushing development controversy leads to delay

2. Avoid “Rushing” Development…Controversy Leads to Delay

3 support local community owned co operative ventures

3.Support Local, Community-Owned Co-Operative Ventures

4 nimby local stakeholders

4.NIMBYLocal Stakeholders