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Hot Items! Additional information. A news web site designed to facilitate communication between organizations. Nancy Soreide NOAA/OAR/PMEL Seattle Regional Meeting (PRT-54) PMEL, Seattle, WA April 8, 2003. Technical specifications. Technical information. Database

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Hot Items! Additional information

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Hot items additional information l.jpg

Hot Items! Additional information

A news web site designed to facilitate communication between organizations

Nancy Soreide NOAA/OAR/PMEL

Seattle Regional Meeting (PRT-54)PMEL, Seattle, WA April 8, 2003

Technical specifications l.jpg

Technical specifications

Technical information l.jpg

Technical information

  • Database

    • All entries stored in a MySQL database

  • Security

    • Secure Socket Layers (SSL) ensures log in without compromising user name and/or password

    • Information encrypted before entry into the database

    • Web pages secured to internal users or password protected

  • Server side technology

    • Apache web server with PHP hypertext parser and scripting language

    • Refresh and updates are automated

    • Hosted on NOAA Seattle Campus NOC Web Server (24x7)

  • Client side

    • Cascading style sheets, HTML, JavaScript

Input forms l.jpg

Input Forms

Slide5 l.jpg

Free Form Story Input Form

Slide6 l.jpg

Input Form for Publication

Slide7 l.jpg

Input Form for Media Contact

Slide8 l.jpg

Input Form for Conference, Meeting or Workshop

Local hot items web pages l.jpg

Local hot items web pages

Slide11 l.jpg

Local hot items page

Slide12 l.jpg

NOAA ResearchHot Items!


Hot Items!


Hot Items!

Items can be sent forward to HQ Hot Items page from the local hot items pages

HQ Hot Items Web Page

Local hot items Web Pages

Slide13 l.jpg

To “push” from the local hot items to the HQ Hot Items

Slide14 l.jpg

Story was “pushed” onto the HQ Hot Items

Noaa news information web site building a corporate noaa l.jpg

NOAA News & Information Web SiteBuilding a corporate NOAA

  • One panel for each NOAA Region

    • Each region can push local items from their regions’ hot items to the NOAA Regional Hot Items

  • Benefits

    • Improved awareness of NOAA activities across all regions

      • Helps in creating an inventory of available services for each region

      • Ensures that NOAA regions are aware of each other’s activities

      • Ensures that employees are aware of each other's available products and services

Noaa regions l.jpg

NOAA Regions

Noaa regions17 l.jpg

NOAA Regions

Noaa regions18 l.jpg

NOAA Regions

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