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1. Capacitors A basic capacitor has two parallel plates separated by an insulating material A capacitor stores an electrical charge between the two plates The unit of capacitance is Farads (F) Capacitance values are normally smaller, such as F, nF or pF

3. Capacitors Storing a charge between the plates Electrons on the left plate are attracted toward the positive terminal of the voltage source This leaves an excess of positively charged holes The electrons are pushed toward the right plate Excess electrons leave a negative charge

4. Capacitors Types of capacitors The dielectric material determines the type of capacitor Common types of capacitors are: Mica Ceramic Plastic film

5. Capacitors Some capacitors are polarised, they can only be connected one way around Electrolytic capacitors are polarised

6. Capacitors Variable capacitors are used in communication equipment, radios, televisions and VCRs They can be adjusted by consumers by tuning controls Trimmers are internal adjusted capacitors that a consumer cannot adjust

7. Capacitors These variable capacitors would be difficult to squeeze into your mobile phone and iPod Current technology uses semi-conductor variable capacitors called varactors (varicaps)

8. Capacitors The capacitance in a varactor is created when a purpose diode is reversed biased Adjusting the reverse bias alters the capacitance value A simple radio receiver using varactor

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