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APPRENTICESHIP. Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities Kenora Apprenticeship Branch Training Consultants - Roxanne Emery or Wanda Harris 1-800-734-9572. Presented by OYAP Coordinators Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006 . APPRENTICESHIP . What is apprenticeship?

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Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities

Kenora Apprenticeship Branch

Training Consultants - Roxanne Emery or Wanda Harris


Presented by OYAP Coordinators

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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What is apprenticeship?

  • Hands-on training program for people who want to work in a skilled trade and who enjoy learning by doing

  • 90% of apprenticeship training is provided in the workplace by employers

  • 10% in-school theory or classroom instruction by a training delivery agent (TDA)

    • College or technology school

    • Secondary school (OYAP)

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Key points to remember

  • Earn while you learn

  • Employed workers

  • In-school theory is government subsidized

  • Minimal classroom fee is paid by the apprentice

  • Expectation by TDA is that apprentices should be prepared to purchase textbooks

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Key points to remember

  • Proof of education is required

  • Minimum provincial education requirements

    • Grade 12 – Motive, Service and Industrial Sectors

    • Grade 10 – Construction Sector

  • Employment insurance is available if apprentice is eligible

  • Apprenticeship fees:

    • $40 registration fee

    • $100 fee for writing trade examination

  • Majority of trade examinations have inter-provincial “Red Seal”

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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What is OYAP?

  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

    • Available to grade 11 & 12 high school students

    • Students must be16 of age, with16 credits achieved

  • OYAP opens the door to apprenticeship for youth

  • Students work towards a career in a skilled trades as a registered apprentice while completing high school diploma

    • Opportunity to test the employer/employee match without commitment on the employer’s part

    • Opportunity to get a head start to Certificate of Qualification

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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What are the benefits to employers?

  • Employees are trained to provincial industry standard while acquiring an understanding of your workplace

  • Employers help create a pool of skilled workers who can help keep businesses competitive

    • Experienced employees of different ages

  • Employees apprenticing develop a loyalty to employers who hire them, leading to a more stable workforce

  • Employers who hire apprentices in some trades may be eligible for a provincial tax credit and other incentives

  • Government-supported in-class training available

  • Cost-effective recruiting solutions – OYAP

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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How to get started

  • Search the list of trades


    • Or call the Kenora MTCU Apprenticeship Office toll free 1-800-734-9572

  • The process of registering an employee as an apprentice and their on-the-job training leading to certification is straight forward

  • If you need further information or assistance at any point in the program, a Ministry Training Consultant can help you

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Step-by-step highlights

  • When ready to make a training commitment, hire the employee

    • The local Job Connect office can help you find a qualified candidate

  • Connect the employee with a qualified skilled mentor or trainer in your workplace

  • Contact the MTCU training consultant to arrange a workplace visit to register your new employee

    • Roles and responsibilities will be discussed

    • On-the-job training guide will be provided

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Step-by-step highlights

  • Review with the apprentice the trade-specific training standard

  • Initial focus on the safety measures contained within the training standard

  • As the apprentice demonstrates skills, regularly sign these off in the training standard

  • Encourage the apprentice to maintain contact with the training consultant

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Step-by-step highlights

  • The apprentice would attend the in-class portion of the training as scheduled with the local apprenticeship office

    • Typically three 8-week blocks over the course of a 4-year apprenticeship program

    • May be available on-line or on a part-time basis

    • Classroom training at a community college or TDA

  • Upon completion of training, encourage and support your apprentice in preparing for and writing the certification examination

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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How to get the best person

  • OYAP provides opportunities for high school students to begin apprenticeships while still in school

    • You can observe the potential of individuals on a trial basis to see if they are a good fit with your workplace

    • Students are a valuable resource and can bring expertise in the latest technology and computer software

    • Students bring ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the workplace

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Program

  • Job Connect offices – Red Lake, Dryden, Kenora, Fort Frances

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Ontario government incentives

  • Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (12/16/04)

    • Refundable to businesses employing apprentices in certain skilled trades for the first 36 months

    • 25% of eligible expenditures

    • 30% for businesses salaries/wages totaling $400,000 or less

    • Paid or payable after May 18, 2004 and before January 1, 2011

    • Up to a maximum of $5,000/yr per qualifying apprentice

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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Ontario government incentives

  • In-school theory is Government subsidized

    • A per diem for each apprentice is paid to the approved TDA

    • The total amount has had the classroom fee of $400 subtracted

  • Classroom fees are paid by the apprentice

    • “a fee of $10.00 per six-hour unit of training, or part of a unit, in a course of training or study within an approved apprenticeship program is payable by apprentices, except as otherwise provided in this section

    • O. Reg. 32/02, s 1(1)”

  • Employer Signing Bonus and Apprenticeship Scholarship programs

    • Managed by Job Connect

Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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OYAP Coordinators

KPDSB – Karen Thorne, [email protected]

RRDSB – Marnie Cumming, [email protected]

KCDSB – Jim Robertson, [email protected]