Academic Services  for Student-Athletes

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Academic Services for Student-Athletes

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1. Academic Services for Student-Athletes

6. Fall 2010 Calendar Residence Halls Open August 20 Classes Begin August 23 Drop/Swap Deadline August 26 Add Deadline August 27 Grade Forgiveness Deadline October 15 Withdrawal Deadline October 15 Classes End December 6 Final Exams December 7-13 Residence Halls Close December 14 Fall Holidays – ASSA CLOSED Labor Day September 6 Veteran’s Day November 11 Thanksgiving November 25-27

7. Review from Advising Presentation UCF Creed – 5 tenets Average Fall semester GPA of a first-year student Average GPA of student-athletes at UCF? Student-Athlete Stats Academic Probation Academic Eligibility and Retention Committee (AERC) Grade Forgiveness Why should you meet w/your ASSA academic advisor?

8. Academic Support Services ASSA Advisor Orientation Advising Schedule Planning and Course Selection Review of Degree Audit General Education Courses Major Declaration Course Withdrawal Grade Forgiveness Eligibility Practice Times Missed Classes Professor Selection Balancing Athletics and Academics Departmental Advisor Long-Term Schedule Planning (Plan of Study to Graduation) Course Substitution Petitions Course Pre-Requisites Core Requirements Major Electives Free Electives Specifics of Upper- Division Courses Intent to Graduate Exit Exams (if applicaple) Advising for Graduate Programs

9. Course Registration Record must be clear of holds Completed through MyUCF portal Communicate ALL schedule changes w/ASSA advisor Can seek help from ASSA advisor YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for registering and knowing what courses you are registered for

10. Being a Successful Student-Athlete…. What does it take? Use Classroom Etiquette Be on time Sit up front (T-zone) No cell phones No web-browsing (on laptop) Appropriate dress/no hats Get to know your professors Progress reports Travel letters Office hours Telephone Email

11. Knight’s E-mail Activate and maintain your Knight’s Email account at Check email on a daily basis to avoid missing critical information from the university. Have an up-to-date emergency email address and cell phone number in case of crisis on campus Presented and updated at MyUCF through the Student Service Center What is MyUCF??

12. Tutoring Available in more than 75 courses for all student-athletes, five nights a week One-on-one and small group sessions Hours of Operation: Walk-in assistance Sun-Thurs, 6pm-9pm Individual appointments as arranged by advisor Other academic resources on campus: Supplemental Instruction Writing Center Math Lab Student Academic Resource Center (SARC)

13. Mentoring *Each of you will have an academic mentor* Paired with graduate assistant or advisor Meet at a designated time, 1-2 x’s/week for 30 minutes Mentors will help keep you on-task and focused on your weekly academic goals Typical session: Go over your notes………..make sure you bring all materials!! Plan out when to study and what to study Go over papers and assignments Report all grades and check MyUCF *You will get to know your mentor very well!*

14. Computers Computer Lab Desktop computers Free printing Wireless, high-speed internet access for personal laptops Study tables Use of the Lab No cell phone use No food or drinks No removing or tampering with hardware or software installed on the computers No inappropriate use of computers Respect others using the lab, QUIET ENVIRONMENT! Laptop Computers Check-out when traveling for competition Available to athletes who are unable to access labs on campus due to injury

15. UCF Academic Policies DROP/SWAP & ADD POLICY Students can make adjustments to their schedule with no penalty if done before the deadline. If completed during the drop/swap and add periods, the changes will not be recorded on the students academic record. You will only be able to drop classes until August 26. After this date, it becomes a withdrawal. You will be able to add classes through August 27. GRADE FORGIVENESS Students can forgive up to two UCF courses only. It may not be used for the same course twice. The second course grade will be calculated into your GPA. The deadline to apply for grade forgiveness is the withdrawal deadline of the semester in which you are repeating the course. CLAS – College Level Academic Skills Requirement The CLAS requirement can be completed through the following criteria: Standardized tests – SAT: Math or Verbal - 500 or higher; ACT: Math – 21 or higher, English – 21 or higher, Reading – 22 or higher. UCF Courses – a 2.5 GPA or higher in ENC 1101/ENC 1102 and in 2 math courses.

16. ASSA & UCFAA Policies

17. ASSA & UCFAA Policies

18. ASSA & UCFAA Policies

21. Things to Know… Get acquainted with your surroundings Competition on & off the field Be responsible! Be accountable! Ask questions & be alert Plan ahead

22. NCAA Rules & Regulations What do you need to do to stay ELIGIBLE?


24. Key Numbers 2.0 cumulative GPA 12 hours per semester 24 hours by the end of Spring 2011 40/60/80 ˜120 credits to graduate

25. Welcome!!

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