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Weatherization 201: Weatherization Works!. Updated September 23, 2008. Weatherization Mission. To reduce energy costs for low-income families, particularly for the elderly, people with disabilities, and children, while ensuring their health and safety. Weatherization Program.

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Weatherization 201:Weatherization Works!

Updated September 23, 2008

Weatherization mission l.jpg
Weatherization Mission

To reduce energy costs for low-income families, particularly for the elderly, people with disabilities, and children, while ensuring their health and safety.

Weatherization program l.jpg
Weatherization Program

  • The Weatherization Assistance Program reduces energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes, while ensuring their health and safety

  • Operates in every state, District of Columbia, among Native American tribes, and anticipates service to being in U.S. Territories in PY 2009.

Why weatherization l.jpg
Why Weatherization

  • Low-income households typically spend 17% of their total income in energy vs. 4% for other households

  • Low-income families often choose between heat and other necessities

  • Reduces energy costs all year round

Slide5 l.jpg

The Team Approach

50 State Energy Offices,

The District of Columbia,

And Native American

Tribal Organizations

Department of Energy

Headquarters and Project

Management Center

Over 900 Local




Program funding l.jpg
Program Funding

  • DOE provides core program funding to states

  • States can use LIHEAP funds from HHS, leverage funding from utilities and others

  • States contract with local agencies to deliver services to single-family, multi-family, mobile homes

Weatherization services l.jpg

Current Eligible

6.2 million


Clients Served



Weatherization Services

  • More than 100,00 homes weatherized annually.

  • 5 millionth home weatherized in 2001.

Weatherization impact l.jpg
Weatherization Impact

  • $413* average first year energy savings

  • Improves energy affordability, making housing more affordable

  • Reduces cases of homelessness, frequent forced mobility, and demand for public assistance

  • Weatherization returns $1.65 in energy related benefits for every $1 invested

* Calculated February 2008 based on 20-year EIA annual price projections discounted to present value.

Weatherization impact9 l.jpg
Weatherization Impact

  • Reduces the export of local energy dollars and keeps more money in the community

  • Decreases electricity generation and resulting pollution; thus improving local air quality reducing adverse health effects

  • Avoids residential and power-plant emissions of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas

  • Supports more than 8,000 direct jobs nationwide

Weatherization impact10 l.jpg
Weatherization Impact

  • Reduces demand for imported oil

  • Decreases national energy consumption by the equivalent of 18 million barrels of oil annually

  • Strengthens national security

Weatherization implementation l.jpg
Weatherization Implementation

  • Client applies for services, eligibility determined

  • Energy audit is conducted

  • List of cost effective and health and safety measures is developed

  • Energy efficiency measures are installed

  • Client education is introduced

  • Post work inspection is conducted

Energy audit l.jpg
Energy Audit

  • Auditor explains process to client

  • Collects information on the home

    • Including results of diagnostic tests

  • Uses audit software or other method to estimate potential energy savings

  • Develops list of cost-effective measures

  • Identifies energy-related health and safety measures needed

Diagnostic tools l.jpg
Diagnostic Tools

  • Blower door test identifies air leakage

  • Pressure Pan and Manometer - Leaky ducts can increase costs by 10-30%

  • Infrared Camera - Illustrates heat loss

Diagnostic tools14 l.jpg
Diagnostic Tools

  • Combustion Analyzer - Tests heating system for efficiency and safety, and analyzes composition of flue gases

  • Draft Test – to test “Backdrafting” that can draw toxins into home

  • Gas Leak Detector - Identifies natural gas leaks from stoves and furnaces

Weatherization measures l.jpg
Weatherization Measures

  • Insulation

    • Attic, Wall, Floor, Duct, Pipe, and Water Heater

  • Air Sealing

    • Blower Door Testing, Caulk, and Weather-stripping

  • Heating and Cooling Modification

    • Tuning, Burner Retrofit, and Replacement

  • Electric Base Load Measures

    • Lighting, Refrigerators, Water Heaters

  • Energy-Related Health and Safety Measures

  • Incidental Repairs

Health and safety l.jpg
Health and Safety

  • Do no harm

  • Conduct Weatherization in a lead-safe manner

  • May check for carbon monoxide, gas leaks, moisture/mold, electrical hazards

  • Wear protective clothing, equipment

  • Client education is a critical component

    • Ensure savings

    • Prevent health hazards

    • Prolong life of measures/equipment

Personal results l.jpg
Personal Results

“…My children remember waking up cold. Today they are comfortable, cozy, and warm…Thanks to the Weatherization Program you have made a difference in our lives…you probably saved our lives.”

Recipient of Weatherization services in Pennsylvania

Weatherization works l.jpg
Weatherization Works!

  • For Families

  • For Communities

  • For the Nation