Water conservation landscape and drought
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Water Conservation – Landscape And Drought - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Conservation – Landscape And Drought Milan J. Michalec Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District 09 August 2010 Xeriscape In The Hill Country Does Not Mean Zero Color Hill Country Xeriscape Does Mean Respect The Local Conditions

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Water Conservation – Landscape And Drought

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Water conservation landscape and drought l.jpg

Water Conservation – Landscape And Drought

Milan J. Michalec

Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District

09 August 2010

Xeriscape in the hill country does not mean zero color l.jpg

Xeriscape In The Hill Country Does Not Mean Zero Color

Hill country xeriscape does mean l.jpg

Hill Country Xeriscape Does Mean

  • Respect The Local Conditions

    • Balance The Landscape - 30% Turf/30% Hardscape/30% Plants

    • Plan For Drought

    • Consider Competition From Deer

  • Turf

    • Native Grass Such As Buffalo

  • Hardscape

    • Native Stone and Timber

  • Plants

    • Natives and Adaptive Species

  • Key: Go Native

Typical conditions l.jpg

Typical Conditions

Drought conditions l.jpg

Drought Conditions

Drought in texas l.jpg

Drought In Texas

  • Hill Country

    • Long Periods of Drought Interrupted By Short Periods of Floods

  • Drought of Record

    • 1950-1957 (1954 Recorded 10. 29” Of Rain In Boerne)

    • Tree Ring Studies Indicate Far Longer And Drier Periods

  • Groundwater Pumping Can Only Be Managed By Local Groundwater Conservation Districts

    • Drought Contingency Plans Can Cut Pumping up to 50% for wells with operating permits

    • Wells used for Domestic and Livestock use are “exempt” from the operating permit process

  • Kendall County-Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District

Keep plants alive in stage five l.jpg

Keep Plants Alive In Stage Five

  • Water Conservation Strategies

    • Condensate Recovery

    • Reuse Grey Water

    • Rainwater Capture

  • Take Inventory

    • Not All Plants Require Supplemental Water

  • Use Stored Water Sparingly

    • Apply Two Quarts Per Plant Every Third Day

Put away the hose l.jpg

Put Away The Hose

Condensate recovery system l.jpg

Condensate Recovery System

Save Water Produced By Air Conditioner

Typical summer daily production 8 10 gallons l.jpg

Typical Summer Daily Production 8-10 Gallons

1 3 hp transfer pump l.jpg

1/3 HP Transfer Pump

Condensate to storage l.jpg

Condensate to Storage

Reuse grey water l.jpg

Reuse Grey Water

  • What Is Grey Water?

    • Any Water Used In The Home, Except Water From Toilets, Is Called Grey Water

      • Dish, Shower, Sink, And Laundry Water Comprise 50-80% Of Residential “Waste" Water

      • May Be Reused For Other Purposes, Especially Landscape Irrigation

Typical daily recovery dishes 5 gallons bathing 3 5 gallons per person l.jpg

Typical Daily RecoveryDishes: 5 GallonsBathing: 3-5 Gallons Per Person

Water storage remove screw on top remove water with bucket l.jpg

Water Storage Remove Screw - On Top Remove Water With Bucket

Rainwater collection l.jpg

Rainwater Collection

  • 1” Rain On 1,000 Sq Ft Roof Can Yield 600 Gallons Of Water For Capture

  • Boerne Area Average Annual Rainfall

    • 33.74 (1893-2008)

  • Highest Annual Rainfall

    • 64.17 (1992)

  • Lowest Annual Rainfall

    • 10.29 (1954)

Basic rainwater capture l.jpg

Basic Rainwater Capture

Improved rainwater capture l.jpg

Improved Rainwater Capture

Basic improved collection l.jpg

Basic/Improved Collection

  • Shortfalls

    • Inefficient Capture

    • Insufficient Storage

    • Evaporation

    • Mosquitoes

  • Better Way?

    • Increase Capture and Storage

    • Seal Water From Elements

200 square foot roof l.jpg

200 Square Foot Roof

Install gutters l.jpg

Install Gutters

Increase storage 1550 gal l.jpg

Increase Storage (1550 Gal)

Add collector pipe l.jpg

Add Collector Pipe

Gravity feed to storage l.jpg

Gravity Feed To Storage

Sunlight does get inside tank problem algae growth solution paint exterior l.jpg

Sunlight Does Get Inside TankProblem: Algae Growth Solution: Paint Exterior

Next project l.jpg

Next Project

Questions l.jpg


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