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Estonian Agricultural University Kreutzwaldi 64 51014 Tartu Estonia PIGS, HORSES, SHEEP, GOATS, POULTRY Chairmen: Ass Prof PhD H. Peterson, PhD P. Piirsalu, MSc  A. Tänavots.

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Estonian Agricultural UniversityKreutzwaldi 6451014 TartuEstonia

Pigs horses sheep goats poultry chairmen ass prof phd h peterson phd p piirsalu msc a t navots l.jpg
PIGS, HORSES, SHEEP, GOATS,POULTRYChairmen:Ass Prof PhD H. Peterson, PhD P. Piirsalu, MSc A. Tänavots

14:00 R. Klimas*, A. Klimienė, S. RimkevičiusChanges in selection of purebred Lithuanian White pigs

14:15 A. Klimienė*, R. KlimasOsteochondrosis in relation to the performance traits of the different pig breeds

14:30 M. Mohrmann*, R. Röhe, P.W. Knap, H. Looft, E. KalmFeed intake, growth and body composition in a three generation full sib design in swine to identify QTL

14:45 V. Vare*, O. SaveliUse of breeding methods for improving production of pig farm

15:00 M. Ozerov*, N. Marzanov, M. Tapio, T. Kiselyova, J. KantanenMicrosatellite analysis of genetic diversity in Russian and Ukrainian sheep breeds

15:15 M. Tapio*, I. Grigaliunaite, Z. Grislis, I. Miceikiene, H. Viinalass, J.KantanenComparison of cytoplasmic and autosomal DNA diversity patterns in Baltic sheep


Pigs horses sheep goats poultry chairmen ass prof phd h peterson phd p piirsalu msc a t navots3 l.jpg
PIGS, HORSES, SHEEP, GOATS, POULTRYChairmen:Ass Prof PhD H. Peterson, PhD P. Piirsalu, MSc A. Tänavots

16:00 J. Kucinskiene*, G. Vagonis, I. GrigaliunaiteGenetic polymorphism of β-lactoglobulin in Lithuanian Blackface sheep

16:15 P. PiirsaluEffect of flaxcake and flaxceed oil in goat diet on omega 3 fatty acid content of goat milk

16:30 H. Peterson*, H. PärtmaOn breeding value of the Estonian Native breed horses

16:45 J. Kucinskiene *, K. Draudvilaite, C. Drogemuller, I. Grigaliunaite Mitochondrial DNA diversity of Lithuanian Žemaitukai horses

17:00 D. Butkauskas*, R. Juodka, A. Sruoga, V. Tubelytė-Kirdienė, E.  Mozalienė, A. PaulauskasGenetic study of variability and similarity in three different poultry species