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Welcome to the Museum of Revolutionary War Heroes. Heroes from Other Countries Room. Women Heroes Room. Curator’s Office. American Patriots Room. Patty Foncault. Patty Foncault teaches fifth grade at Silver Lake E.S. She enjoys teaching Revolutionary War history

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Welcome to the

Museum of Revolutionary War Heroes

Heroes from Other Countries


Women Heroes


Curator’s Office

American Patriots Room

Patty foncault l.jpg
Patty Foncault

Patty Foncault teaches

fifth grade at Silver Lake

E.S. She enjoys teaching

Revolutionary War history

most of all. In the summer

of 2008 she had the

wonderful experience of

spending a week at Mt.

Vernon to learn about the

life of Washington.

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Heroes from other Countries

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Women Heroes


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American Patriots


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French and indian war l.jpg
French and Indian War

Washington’s first

experience as a soldier

took place during the

French and Indian War.

He proved himself to be

a brave and capable


Image acquired at: http://www.nebraskastudies.org/0300/media/0301_011601.jpg

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Valley forge l.jpg
Valley Forge

The winter of 1777 was a

severe one for the troops

at Valley Forge. They were

without needed supplies

and food. During the

winter 2,500 men died.

The story is often told of

bloody footprints left in

the snow.

Image acquired at: home.comcast.net/.../ahistory_units_1.htm

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Crossing the delaware l.jpg
Crossing the Delaware

Under cover of night,

Washington and his men

crossed the Delaware

River and surprised enemy

troops to win a decisive

battle in December 1776.


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Washington as a farmer l.jpg
Washington as a Farmer

George Washington spent

many years away from

home fighting the war.

However, his heart was

always first and foremost

at Mount Vernon, his

beloved farm.

Image acquired at: http://www.georgeglazer.com/prints/americana/gwfarmer.html

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Marquis de lafayette l.jpg
Marquis de Lafayette

The Marquis de Lafayette

traveled from France to

aid Washington in the

War for Independence. He

became Washington’s

right hand man and was a

huge help in the war. The

two remained lifelong


Image acquired at: www.history.org/Almanack/people/bios/biolafayette.cfm

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General von steuben l.jpg
General Von Steuben

General Friedrich Von

Steuben was from

Germany. He helped

General Washington train

the troops at Valley Forge.

Image acquired at: http://americanrevwar.homestead.com/files/VONSTUB.HTM

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Thomas paine l.jpg
Thomas Paine

Although born in Britain,

Paine settled in America

and became the author of

many pamphlets that

convinced citizens of the

need for the revolution.

Image acquired at: http://www.historyguide.org/intellect/paine.html

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Nancy hart l.jpg
Nancy Hart

Nancy Hart held five

Tories captive until her

husband returned home.

The Tories had invaded

her home and demanded

to be fed. They were

bragging about killing a


Image acquired at:


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Lydia darragh l.jpg
Lydia Darragh

Lydia Darragh lived in

Philadelphia. During the

war she was forced to

allow the British to use

her home as a meeting

place. She would spy on

them and pass news on

to Washington by hiding

them in the buttons of

her son’s jacket.

Image acquired at:


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Deborah sampson l.jpg
Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson was

from Massachusetts. She

joined the army after she

had disguised herself as a

man. She served bravely

and with distinction until

she was wounded. When

it was discovered that she

was a woman she had to

leave the army.

Image acquired at:


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Phyllis wheatley l.jpg
Phyllis Wheatley

Phyllis Wheatley was a

young African woman.

She became famous for

her published writings

that supported the


Image acquired at http://www.lkwdpl.org/WIHOHIO/whea-phi.htm

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Nathan hale l.jpg
Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale was a

teacher. He also was a spy

for the Patriots. He was

captured and executed

by the British in 1776.

Image acquired at: http://www.connecticutsar.org/patriots/hale_nathan.htm

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Benjamin franklin l.jpg
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin served

as an ambassador during

the war. He tried to get

help from other countries.

he also signed the

Declaration of


Image acquired at: http://americanrevwar.homestead.com/files/FRANKLIN.HTM

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Ethan allen l.jpg
Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen was from

Vermont. He commanded

a group of soldiers known

as the Green Mountain

boys. They captured Fort

Ticonderoga in May 1775.

Image acquired at: http://americanrevwar.homestead.com/files/allen.htm

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Thomas jefferson l.jpg
Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson wrote

The Declaration of

Independence. He later

became President of the

United States.

Image acquired at:


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