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History of Mathematics. By: Haley Bacon. Mathematics. Arabic Numerals Roman Numerals Pi Zero Euclid Elements Greek mathematics and schools. Arabic Numerals. Arabs translated Origin is Indian Evolved from letters of the Arabic alphabet Simplified arithmetic. Three types of Arithmetic.

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History of Mathematics

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History of mathematics l.jpg

History of Mathematics

By: Haley Bacon

Mathematics l.jpg


  • Arabic Numerals

  • Roman Numerals

  • Pi

  • Zero

  • Euclid Elements

  • Greek mathematics and schools

Arabic numerals l.jpg

Arabic Numerals

  • Arabs translated

  • Origin is Indian

  • Evolved from letters of the Arabic alphabet

  • Simplified arithmetic

Three types of arithmetic l.jpg

Three types of Arithmetic

  • Counting on fingers-numerals were written in words.

  • Sexagesimal System-letters were formed from the alphabet

  • Arithmetic Indian Numerals and Fractions-the decimal place and value system were formed

Roman numeral uses l.jpg

Roman Numeral Uses

  • Order of Rulers and ships

  • Cornerstones

  • Gravestones

  • Language in Latin roots

  • Number values

Reading numerals l.jpg

Reading Numerals

  • A letter repeated repeats its value that many times

  • Letters placed after greater number increases greater number by the smaller

  • If placed in front it decreases greater value

  • Bar placed on top increases value by 1000

Arabic and roman numerals l.jpg

Arabic and Roman Numerals

  • The difference between the Roman and Arabic Numerals is that the Romans didn’t have a symbol for zero and the numeral placement within a number can sometimes indicate subtraction rather than addition

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  • Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter

  • Always same number

  • Egyptians and Babylonians

  • Above 3 (3.14)

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  • Pi is an infinite decimal

  • The ‘p’ stands for perimeter

  • Numbers to the right of 0 never repeat

  • No repeating pattern for pi has been discovered

  • Can be used in probability and ‘famous five’

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  • Empty space indicator

  • A number itself

  • Concrete to abstract

  • Babylonians and their wedges

  • Punctuation mark

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  • Sums of positive and negative numbers with zero

  • Subtraction of positive and negative numbers with zero

  • Multiplication and division with positive and negative numbers

Euclid elements l.jpg

Euclid Elements

  • Geometry Applet

  • Beautiful

  • Influential

  • Euclid

  • Logical Development of Geometry

Element propositions l.jpg

Element Propositions

  • Definition of parallel lines

  • Axioms for magnitudes

  • Bisect angles and line segments

  • Two sides of a triangle will always be greater than one side

Greek mathematics l.jpg

Greek Mathematics

  • Impressive civilization

  • Influential

  • Decisive in mathematics

  • Byzantine Greek codices

  • Arabic translations

Schools of greek mathematics l.jpg

Schools of Greek Mathematics

  • Ionian School

  • Pythagorean School

  • Eleatic School

  • Sophist School

  • Platonic School

  • School of Eudoxus

  • School of Aristotle

Ionian school l.jpg

Ionian School

  • Founded by Thales

  • First deductive proofs

  • Anaximander

  • Anaximenes

Pythagorean school l.jpg

Pythagorean School

  • Founded by Pythagores

  • Philosophy

  • Proportion

  • Number theory

  • Theory of proof

  • Incommensurables

Eleatic school l.jpg

Eleatic School

  • Led by Zeno

  • Discrete and the continuous

  • Decomposable and the indecomposable

  • Motion is continuous and smooth

  • Zeno’s Paradoxes, Dichotomy,Achilles, Arrow and Spade

Sophist school l.jpg

Sophist School

  • Centered in Athens

  • Abstract reasoning

  • Mathematics to understand universe

  • Doubling cube, squaring the circle, trisecting an angle

Platonic school l.jpg

Platonic School

  • Founded by Plato

  • Conics Menaechmus

  • Asymptotes

  • Intersecting of the parabola and the hyperbola

School of eudoxus l.jpg

School of Eudoxus

  • Founded by Eudoxus

  • Proportion

  • Magnitude

  • Proof on quadrature of circle

  • Theorems of plane geometry

School of aristotle l.jpg

School of Aristotle

  • Called Lyceum

  • Founded by Aristotle

  • Philosophy of physics

  • Theoretical

  • Productive

  • Practical

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Presented By: Haley Bacon

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