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MPICT Winter 2010 ICT Educator Conference. H ands-on Introduction to Windows 7. Contact. Sam Bowne Computer Networking and Information Technology City College San Francisco Email: sbowne@ccsf.edu Web: samsclass.info

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H ands-on Introduction to Windows 7

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Presentation Transcript

Mpict winter 2010 ict educator conference l.jpg

MPICT Winter 2010 ICT Educator Conference

Hands-on Introduction to Windows 7

Contact l.jpg


  • Sam Bowne

  • Computer Networking and Information Technology

  • City College San Francisco

  • Email: sbowne@ccsf.edu

  • Web: samsclass.info

  • This Powerpoint and all the projects are freely available for you to use in your classes

Iclicker survey l.jpg

iClicker Survey

How many computers do you have at home l.jpg

How many computers do you have at home?

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5 or more

1 of 5

How many of your home computers use windows 7 l.jpg

How many of your home computers use Windows 7?

  • None

  • One

  • Only a few of them

  • Nearly all of them

2 of 5

When will your school s computer labs upgrade to windows 7 l.jpg

When will your school's computer labs upgrade to Windows 7?

  • We have already upgraded all our labs to Windows 7

  • We have already upgraded some labs to Windows 7

  • We will upgrade some labs in 2010

  • We will upgrade some labs in 2011

  • Not until 2012 or later

3 of 5

What microsoft discount program is your school enrolled in l.jpg

What Microsoft discount program is your school enrolled in?

  • None/I Don't Know

  • Microsoft IT Academy

  • Microsoft Academic Alliance

  • Something else

5 of 5

Microsoft discount programs l.jpg

Microsoft Discount Programs

Microsoft academic alliance msdnaa l.jpg

Microsoft Academic AllianceMSDNAA

  • Cost: $800 per year for a whole college department

  • Benefits

    • Free copies of Windows and many other Microsoft products, such as SQL Server and Visio

    • Up to 10 copies per student or faculty member

    • Unlimited copies for lab installs

  • Limitation

    • Does not include Microsoft Office

    • Includes Windows 7 Professional only, not Ultimate or the home versions

Technet l.jpg


  • Cost: $350 for the first year, $250 per year thereafter

  • Benefits

    • Free copies of virtually everything Microsoft makes, including all versions of Windows and Office

    • Up to 10 copies of most products

  • Limitation

    • Only for one person

Not in textbook l.jpg

Not in textbook

Windows 7 Versions and Installation

Disk partitions l.jpg

Disk Partitions

  • Hard disks are large—often 320 GB or more

  • It is a good practice to divide the hard disk into several separate portions called partitions

  • Each partition typically appears in the Computer window with a different drive letter

Installation options l.jpg

Installation Options

  • Clean install

    • Start with an empty hard disk or partition

    • You will get the most stable install this way

    • BUT: you will need to install all your applications and migrate over your documents and settings

    • Windows Easy Transfer may help

  • Upgrade

    • From Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 to Windows7

    • Keeps installed programs, settings, and documents

    • You cannot upgrade Win XP to Windows 7

Installation boot options l.jpg

Installation Boot Options

  • Single-boot

    • Windows 7 as the only operating system on the computer

    • This is the normal situation

  • Dual-boot or multi-boot

    • Two or more operating systems (OSs) on the same computer

    • Each OS is on its own disk or partition

    • Each time the machine starts up, the user chooses the OS to boot to

Norton ghost l.jpg

Norton Ghost

  • A single machine is set up with the OS and applications, preferences, and data

  • The Ghost Server copies that entire hard disk through the Ethernet wire

    • That required 20 minutes for the Eee netbooks you are using now

  • All the other machines are made into duplicates simultaneously through Ethernet

    • That took another 20 minutes

  • BUT: Ghost is hard to set up

    • It took us 14 hours to set it up the first time

System image backup l.jpg

System Image Backup

  • A feature included in Windows 7 (and Vista)

  • The entire system partition is copied to an image file

  • The file may be stored on an internal hard drive, or a USB removable hard drive

  • Works like Ghost, but without the multicasting

  • Can restore an entire operating system in 20 minutes

Hardware requirements l.jpg

Hardware Requirements

Windows 7 versions l.jpg

Windows 7 Versions

  • Starter

  • Home Premium

  • Professional

  • Ultimate

Windows 7 versions19 l.jpg

Windows 7 Versions

  • Starter

    • Intended for netbooks--cheap and limited

  • Home Premium

    • Intended for home users

  • Professional

    • Everything in Home Premium plus business features like Domain Join

  • Ultimate

    • Everything in Professional plus advanced business technology like BitLocker, BranchCache, and AppLocker

Common features l.jpg

Common Features

Differences l.jpg


Homegroups l.jpg


  • Easy, secure file-sharing

  • Only for Home networks

  • Protected by a password

Homegroups23 l.jpg


Windows xp mode l.jpg

Windows XP Mode

  • Runs Windows XP in a virtual machine

  • Only available in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate

  • Software opens in a window without a visible Win XP desktop

    • BUT it requires Intel's Virtual Technology (VT)

    • Only the latest machines have it, and only some of the new Sony VAIOs

      • Link Ch 0f

Security of windows xp and vista l.jpg

Security of Windows XP and Vista

  • Windows XP

  • 42% of attacks came through Microsoft software

  • Vista

  • 6% of attacks came through Microsoft software

Security of various windows versions l.jpg

Security of Various Windows Versions

Using windows xp mode wisely l.jpg

Using Windows XP Mode Wisely

  • Do Web browsing and run most applications on Windows 7

  • Use Windows XP Mode only for legacy applications that requires it

  • This will be much more secure than running Windows XP only

    • Link Ch 0g

Domain join l.jpg

Domain Join

  • Intended for businesses

  • Requires a domain controller running Windows 2008 Server or earlier Windows Server versions

  • Provides a central point of administration, making the network more secure and scalable

  • Only Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate can join domains

Backup l.jpg


  • All versions of Windows 7 provide image-based full system backup

  • But only Windows 7 Business and Ultimate can back up to a network server

Windows 7 bitlocker l.jpg

Windows 7 BitLocker

  • Encrypts the whole hard drive

  • Requires the user to supply a startup PIN or USB flash drive that contains keying material before the computer will boot

    • Protected from Stanford’s “cold boot” attack that can break through Vista’s BitLocker

  • BitLocker To Go

    • Encrypts a USB stick

  • Only available in Enterprise or Ultimate versions

Windows 7 enterprise l.jpg

Windows 7 Enterprise

  • Not available in retail stores

  • Only sold to "Microsoft Software Assurance customers"

  • Several new features not included in the Business or Home Premium versions

    • Link Ch 0i

Windows 7 enterprise32 l.jpg

Windows 7 Enterprise

New features l.jpg

New Features

New taskbar l.jpg

New Taskbar

  • Larger icons

  • Hover to see thumbnail images of windows

  • Drag items to the taskbar to dock them

  • Drag icons to rearrange them

Full screen preview l.jpg

Full-Screen Preview

  • Hover over a window's thumbnail to see it in preview mode

  • Hover over the rectangle at the right end of the taskbar to preview the Desktop

Jump lists l.jpg

Jump Lists

  • You can pin items to each Taskbar button

  • Makes the tasks you do most often easier to launch

Libraries l.jpg


  • Gathers files from several folders together

  • To customize the folder list, click the blue "2 locations" link

Advanced options l.jpg

Advanced Options

  • Click Tools, InternetOptions, Advanced tab

  • Many adjustments can be made

Internet explorer s accelerators l.jpg

Internet Explorer's Accelerators

  • Highlight text on a page

  • A blue "Accelerator" button appears

  • Click it to see actions you can do with the text

    • (not in book)

Network and sharing center l.jpg

Network and Sharing Center

  • Map (at top)

  • View your active networks

  • Change your networking settings

  • Tasks (on left)

  • (also in Vista)

Viewing network computers and devices l.jpg

Viewing Network Computers and Devices

  • Start, Network

  • Media Devices include Windows 7 computers sharing media

Network map l.jpg

Network Map

  • Uses "Link Layer Topology Discovery" protocol

Customizing your network l.jpg

Customizing Your Network

  • In "Network and Sharing Center", in the "View your active networks" section:

    • Click icon to change network name or icon

    • Click blue "Home Network" or "Work Network" to change network location

Managing network connections l.jpg

Managing Network Connections

  • In "Network and Sharing Center", click "Change Adapter Settings"

Network connection properties l.jpg

Network Connection Properties

  • Right-click a connection, Properties

  • Notice IPv6 and LLTD

    • LLTD Mapper draws the map

    • LLTP Responder sends data to the mapper

Projects l.jpg


Project 1 remote assistance l.jpg

Project 1: Remote Assistance

  • Two people share a computer at once

  • Was also present in Win XP, but has some new features in Windows 7

Project 2 remote desktop l.jpg

Project 2: Remote Desktop

  • Control your work PC from home

  • Was also present in Win XP, but has some new features in Windows 7

Project 3 resource monitor l.jpg

Project 3: Resource Monitor

  • New in Windows 7

  • Far more friendly and useful than earlier performance-monitoring utilities

Project 4 homegroup l.jpg

Project 4: HomeGroup

  • New in Windows 7

  • Very Useful

  • Login