Happy New Year
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Happy New Year From Intune Networks. Many people in this country find it hard to believe that a breakthrough is possible…. Breakthrough? In Ireland?. For example, this guru spent 30 years perfecting this difficult pose…. He didn’t realise that Ireland had already made that breakthrough…

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Happy New Year


Intune Networks

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Many people in this country find it hard to believe that a breakthrough is possible…


In Ireland?

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He didn’t realise that Ireland had already made that breakthrough…

in this case, through the back of the chair.

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His defensive position is unusual… France, Rugby World Cup ’07…

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He points to something behind the team… France, Rugby World Cup ’07…

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Guess the year that the R&D work started that led to Intune’s breakthrough?

Guess the year?

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And there is a democrat back in the White House: a significant period of history…

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Everything is mobile nowadays… significant period of history…

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And it all fits inside your smart phone… significant period of history…

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Which is also your Satellite Navigation… significant period of history…

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Or somewhere to watch your DVDs… significant period of history…

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You can still make simple phonecalls or texts… significant period of history…

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Or listen to the radio… significant period of history…

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Or even download your favourite music… significant period of history…

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So where is the problem with Telecommunications & Entertainment?


What problem?

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Money moves between consumer and internet, the infrastructure guys get very little…

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How do you build an infrastructure that can handle uncertainty? This is the problem.

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Recognise this? The download symbol for YouTube = always waiting…

no interactive services are possible over the internet with guaranteed quality.

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Can you make out this player? It’s Liverpool’s Stevie Gerard in the Champion’s League…

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Video Conferencing – it’s not true communications if you can’t make out their eyes!

Some companies ban this type of communication as ineffective.

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Broadband is under huge scrutiny in Ireland – it’s necessary but not sufficient…


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The real blocker is Quality of Experience: delays, blank screens, poor resolution…


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Explaining the technical solution without mentioning technology = Imagine a boat race…

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With lots of boats in the race… technology = Imagine a boat race…

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Here’s how the Quality problem can be solved – presented in a recession format!



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All networks are the same: a large number of small things… in a recession format!

trying to get to a small number of large things

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So your video stream is sent on a different colour boat depending on where it goes…

Intune Networks does all this using Light and Lasers instead of pencils…

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With localised real quality, high definition, interactive…what services will be available?

Time Tunnel

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GPTV: An interactive tv station to get quick doctor consultation without travel…

Consultants in other cities help in real time with crisis situations…

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Granny can see the grandchildren play, despite not being able to travel…

Each family can afford its own localised tv-quality network links…

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Everything is converging into a single computer network… anywhere on any device…

…but 25 years of “best effort” quality is not longer economically viable…

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The black line is your broadband connection – Ireland…

it only gets you from your access point to the nearest place in the real network…

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…the computer moves your “stuff” close to your access point…

- Quality of experience is guaranteed for the service level you paid for…

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If you take your mobile down to another part of the city… point…

..the system moves your “stuff” to follow you around…

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It works the same with your office – a seamless home-to-office transition…

= easing commuter troubles and opening new work/life experiences…

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No matter where you are, you get the quality service you paid for, anywhere, anytime…

The internet as a global cloud will never deliver the same quality at the same price…

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Breakthroughs need scientific evidence… paid for, anywhere, anytime…

Prove it.

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24,000 is the number of pieces of equipment (each the size of an ATM)

..required to deliver quality – the cost of running this makes it impossible to implement


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65% of all phonecalls are local – the internet is not everything…

…localised services help drive an economy


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World leading vendors have the same vision for the future…quality for the consumer

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14 years of R&D…2 years of Proof… future…quality for the consumer

  • Mathematical Proof

  • Computer Model

  • Financial Spreadsheet

  • Built it

  • Shipped it

  • Validated by experts

  • $16Billion market

  • €100m/customer

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Contact future…quality for the consumerdemo@intunenetworks.com to arrange to come see the breakthrough…

Now see it.

Thank you.