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Are you a Player for Optimist in Action Day?. What is Optimist in Action Day?. A single unified day to promote the mission and values of Optimism to the public. Introduce your Club to the community! Clubs can participate in any way they choose

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Are you a player for optimist in action day l.jpg

Are you a Player for Optimist in Action Day?

What is optimist in action day l.jpg
What is Optimist in Action Day?

  • A single unified day to promote the mission and values of Optimism to the public.

  • Introduce your Club to the community!

  • Clubs can participate in any way they choose

  • An existing Club activity can be held or a new one can be conducted

When is optimist in action day l.jpg
When is Optimist in Action Day?

  • The 3rd Saturday of October

Organizing an event l.jpg
Organizing an Event

  • Discuss activities your Club already sponsors that could be conducted on Optimist in Action Day

  • Is there a need in the community that is not being met?

  • How can your Club promote Optimism to the local community?

Community service l.jpg
Community Service

  • Sponsor an event that serves and supports youth and the community

Childhood cancer l.jpg
Childhood Cancer

  • Distribute CCC brochures

  • Ask local hospital for a “wish list” for CCC and provide one item.

  • Host a public forum to educate community about CCC.

  • Find a local family dealing with CCC and provide dinner.

Citizenship l.jpg

  • Present local law enforcement officers with certificates of appreciation

  • Flag-raising ceremony

  • Youth in Government or Mayor for a Day activity

Community improvement l.jpg
Community Improvement

  • Volunteer to pick up trash along a highway or in a local park

  • Plant trees or flowers to beautify the community

  • Clean up graffiti

  • Collect recyclable materials and take to a recycling center

Culture and education l.jpg
Culture and Education

  • Tutoring

  • Mentoring

  • Reading to Children

  • Spelling Bee

  • Present a scholarship to a deserving student

Health and welfare l.jpg
Health and Welfare

  • Send cards to patients in the hospital

  • Collect canned goods for a food pantry

  • Drug prevention program

  • Visit a local senior citizen center

  • Sponsor a blood drive.

Safety l.jpg

  • Bicycle rodeo

  • Fire prevention awareness

  • Self-defense class

  • School bus safety program

Sports and recreation l.jpg
Sports and Recreation

  • Tri-Star Sports Skills Contest

  • Baseball Clinic

  • Fishing Derby

  • Take your JOOI Club bowling

  • Hold a basketball game versus your JOOI Club or the team at a local high school

Youth appreciation l.jpg
Youth Appreciation

  • Present certificates to “Most Improved” students at a local high school

  • Hold a special lunch for students who do volunteer work in the community

Fundraisers l.jpg

  • Hold an activity to raise funds for a Club program or to donate to another organization

Chocolate feast and fashions l.jpg
Chocolate Feast and Fashions

Conduct a fashion show of pre-owned clothing. The clothing models can be members of the community, including local officials. Chocolate deserts are served during the show. Club sells event tickets in advance.

Balloon race l.jpg
Balloon Race

  • Sell balloons filled with helium. Attached to each balloon is a message asking the finder to return the card and promising a reward if the returned card is from the winning balloon. Release the balloons. The card that is returned from the greatest distance away is the winner.

Raffle dinner l.jpg
Raffle Dinner

  • Club Members can sell tickets at $100 each. Each ticket entitles two people to attend a catered meal, where a drawing is held for cash prizes. Names are announced and posted on a large board as each winning ticket is pulled.

Soup tasting contest l.jpg
Soup Tasting Contest

  • Invite Members of the community and Club to make different soups and stews to be judged. After the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners have been awarded their ribbons, sell bowls to the attendees.

Be creative l.jpg
Be Creative!

  • Bad Tie Day – Charge Members a fee to come to the meeting wearing loud ties

  • Chores – Offer to do chores for a fee.

  • Board Game Night – Invite people to play and charge an entrance or game fee.

  • Placemat ads – Charge local businesses to place their ad on a placemat that is distributed and used in local restaurants.

Press releases before and after l.jpg
Press Releases – Before and After

  • Available on the Optimist website (

  • They are fill in the blank – simply type your Club’s information in the highlighted areas

  • Send to local newspapers, radio stations and television stations

  • Free publicity for your event and your Club!

Discussion l.jpg

  • What projects are you currently running that could be used for Optimist in Action Day?

  • What projects would you like to run for Optimist in Action Day?